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3 Ways To Style A Classic Blazer

One of the key trends for autumn 2017 is the blazer. You may want to banish your faux leather jacket to the back of the wardrobe, because this season is all about the blazer. Yes, you really need to be investing in a blazer right now. You might even have a blazer laying at the back of your wardrobe. The blazer is making another fashion resurgence and we should be thrilled because it is the perfect autumn staple for any fashionista’s wardrobe.

Blazers Through The Fashion Ages

In the 60s we saw the mods claiming the blazer for their own and we had bands like the Beatles showing everyone how cool the blazer was. Then the 80s saw women wearing the blazers, and teaming them with shoulder-pads. It was all about power dressing. Sharp tailoring and big blazers was a reflection of women making their way in the workplace. The blazers reflected the women’s fight for equality. Then came the 90s and we had the Britpop scene claiming the blazer for themselves. We had Jarvis Cocker from Pulp rolling his blazer sleeves up and then Kate Moss adding a sexier, messy vibe to the blazer.

Bedazzle In A Blazer This Autumn

The blazer is perfect for autumn. With those sunny days a distant memory, a blazer will keep the chill away on those crisp autumnal mornings. A blazer is the perfect must have transitional piece for autumn. It’s not quite cold enough for a thick coat, but it can still feel chilly. A blazer is also perfect for seeing you from the office to the Christmas party.

How We Should Be Wearing A Blazer This Autumn

The blazer has evolved again and it’s reflecting the modern women. We should all be wearing a blazer as we get to work smashing the glass ceilings and generally stamping down on the patriarchy. The blazer is firmly in the spotlight for 2017. The catwalks demonstrated that there are no rules when it comes to the blazer. You can go for a more sedate navy colour, or you can throw caution to the wind and embrace the blazer in a range eclectic of prints, fabrics and styles.  Accessorise with elbow length gloves or a choker. You just need to be bold when it comes to that blazer!

3 Ways To Wear Your Blazer

First of all you need to find your blazer. You can find a great range womens jackets on The Iconic website. You can find your modern take on the classic double breasted blazer through to your Raquel Ponte fitted blazer.

Look 1 - Office Chic

A fitted blazer is perfect for making an impact in the office. You will be soon climbing the corporate ladders when you are power dressing to the max with your blazer. You will feel confident in your blazer, and your business wear will shout that you mean business. You might want to go for a more sedate colour for business, a navy blue or black blazer is perfect for the office as it is smart and stylish. However, if you work in a more creative industry then you should embrace colour. Look at what other people tend to wear in your office to gauge what would be deemed acceptable. Team your blazer with a fitted skirt and a white t-shirt. A t-shirt might not be your normal choice of top for the office but you are wearing it under a blazer and that means that you can get away with it. Add a silver necklace and a pair of nude, black or navy heels and you are ready for work.

Look 2 - Christmas Party Chic

You have the Christmas party but you won’t have time to go home and change. Don’t worry because you can simply take your office chic look and tweak it for Christmas chic. Swap your skirt for a pair of leather leggings or a pair of colourful trousers. Leave your white t-shirt but swap your subtle silver necklace for a statement necklace or a choker. You have been wearing heels all day at work so the last thing you want to be wearing for the Christmas party is heels again. Slip your feet into a pair of flats. Those flat shoes don’t have to be boring though! Sparkles were also all over the 2017 catwalk so feel free to bedazzle with your feet, or perhaps it’s time to unleash your wild side with a pair of animal print loafers. This look will have you looking glamorous in the blink of an eye.

Look 3 - Weekend Chic

You can easily transform your blazer into weekend chic. A blazer looks great over a long dress, with jeans and trainers,or a pair of cropped trousers. Perhaps you are looking for a smart/casual look. You want something that can take you from lunch with the in-laws through to shopping with your friends. A pair of cropped trousers and a blazer is an elegant look. You could go for a pair of trousers in a bright colour, or play it safe with navy or black. You could also recycle your faithful white t-shirt or perhaps embrace a bit of Bretton. Everyone loves a classic bit of Bretton and it is perfect for the preppy blazer look. Add a pair of white pumps and you will be able to shop until you drop.

Bling Your Autumn With A Blazer

A blazer doesn’t need to be boring. It can bring style and personality to your wardrobe and see you from the office, through to the party and out to your weekend. The blazer is the ultimate must have for your wardrobe this autumn. If you don’t already have one then you need to get one quickly. You might even want to raid your mum’s wardrobe. She probably has a classic blazer hiding in there. Take your mum’s blazer, add your own modern twist and style it out. If you don’t have a blazer in your life then you want to get it on that Christmas list quickly. You will be breezing your way through autumn with a blazer in no time.

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