Sunday, 29 October 2017

How To Fight The Lurgy: Five Survival Tips For Autumn

Autumn, the time of year when we like to retreat indoors and get cosy. The leaves are fast falling off the trees, the heating is being turned up, and with that comes sickness! Before you know it members of your family are falling ill faster than those leaves are falling off the trees outside. It becomes survival of the fittest. You adopt techniques similar to what you would expect to use if you were in a zombie apocalypse. It really is every man and woman out for themselves. Therefore, what can we do to try and ensure that we don’t get sick this autumn?

Autumn is always known as the season of bugs and sore throats. This is especially true if you have children at preschool or school. What preventative measures can we take to try and stop us and our family falling ill?

Tip 1 - Your 5 A Day

It’s obvious but making sure that you and your get their 5 a day really will help! Remember the saying

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

If you have children who claim that they are allergic to fruit and vegetables, don’t worry because there are ways around it.  You could hide their vegetables in pasta sauces, and you could make them yummy mixed berry smoothie bowls. They won’t even realise that they are getting lots of goodness because it will taste so delicious.

Tip 2 - Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins can help you put your mind at rest that you and your family are getting enough vitamins. Bassets Vitamins have just launched a new multivitamin aimed at 3-6 year-olds. Your child won’t even realise that they are taking a vitamin as they come in a yummy peach and apricot flavour. You will be able to find vitamins that are suitable for every member of your family.

Tip 3 - Get Outside

When those days start getting shorter we can find ourselves spending longer indoors. Being inside with the heating on isn’t good for our immune systems. We all need some fresh air. Wrap up warm and get outside and start exploring. If you have children you could encourage them to do a scavenger hunt. They will suddenly be very happy to leave the sofa!

Tip 4 - Sleep

Sleep is crucial. People boast that they can survive on only 4 hours sleep but the reality is that their body won’t be thanking them. Their body will probably be screaming at them for more sleep. When we don’t have enough sleep we become rundown. This is when we start picking up every bug going. We need sleep so that our body can rest and repair itself.

Tip 5 - Water

Staying hydrated is key to fighting off those bugs. In autumn we might feel that we don’t need as much water, wrong! You still need to be drinking lots of water. You should aim for at least 2 litres day. As well as drinking water, you need to make sure that everyone is washing their hands with hot water and soap!

What To Do If You Do Get Ill

Ring your Doctors for an appointment. If you are unable to get an appointment then you could visit Dr App Online, which is an online doctor service. Using the app you can make an appointment in seconds and see a doctor in minutes!

Good luck fighting those bugs! You can do it.


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