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Ghoulishly Affordable Costume Hacks For Halloween

It’s everyone’s favorite holiday. Nope, it’s not Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving but Halloween. The 31st of October is the one day every year where kids and adults alike get to pretend. Whether it’s trick or treating or knocking and running, it’s acceptable on All Hallows’ Eve. But, kids and adults can’t rock up to the scariest night of the year in a pair of jeans and knitted sweater. To get the most from the holiday, a costume is essential, and an awesome one at that.

Costumes don’t come cheap, and finding the money to buy multiple outfits is never easy. Still, there is no reason to pay a premium for something you can make at home. At the very least, it’s possible to find a great deal. So, if you’re ready to forget about ghosts, let’s go bargain hunting instead!

Be Flexible

As soon as someone asks the question, an idea pops into view. Yes, going as The Joker or a zombie clown is kinda cool. However, there is no need to be rigid regarding the apparel. As long as the outfit is creative, it will stand out and look the part. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to bounce ideas around and get imaginative. In fact, don’t even hone in on a costume until you visit the fancy dress store. When you walk in, there may be an outfit which is scary and affordable. Lots of people dismiss ideas out of hand because they have their heart set on a particular costume. Don’t make the same mistake this Halloween.


Speaking of the costume store, don’t take no for an answer. Okay, so it’s Halloween and the ball is in their court. But, the owners want to make as much profit out of the holiday as possible. After all, fancy dress shops don’t do as well when All Hallows’ Eve passes. There is no doubt they will play hardball and try and get you to pay full price. As a rule, don’t give in to the pressure and stay strong. Haggling is an excellent way to cut costs and make an outfit affordable. For example, you may and try and get a discount for more than one item. That way, they make a sale and you don’t have to spend a fortune. It’s a little late now, yet going to a store weeks before the holiday is a savvy move. The worst they can say is no.

Do It Yourself

Of course, the cheapest option is making your own gear. Lots of Halloween clothes don’t come from fancy dress stores but a parent’s imagination. Saying and doing it, however, are two different things. The key is to use regular items around the house as the foundation for the costume. Do you or your kids like the A-Team? A chain for the every day customer which most men own is an excellent accessory for wannabe Mr T’s. Maybe Gandhi is more your pace? In that case, it’s brave but a couple of fluffy white towels will do the trick. Remember that the best friend of a DIY Halloween-enthusiast is cardboard. It looks dull and inflexible, but it can turn into pretty much anything if you arty enough.

Go Second-Hand

Kids want all the latest equipment as soon as it hits the shelves. Halloween, thankfully, is a time when this mentality goes out of the window. The point is to dress to impress, and no one needs to know about the price. Indeed, no one needs to know if it’s new or old. Far too many adults and kids purchase top of the range costumes and pay a hefty price. By going online to eBay and Amazon, you can get used clothes that are almost identical. Because they aren’t new, the price is far lower yet they still look the part. Plus, the odds are you will wear the items once a year, which means they just have to get you through the night. Even better, charity stores and vintage outlets are on the high street nowadays. So, they are cheap and easily accessible. It’s a no-brainer.


People take Halloween seriously, and the chances are you do, too. Are there outfits in your closet which are old and not in vogue anymore? If the answer is yes, don’t throw them away yet. Instead, think of them as a bargaining chip to secure a better costume. Just like you, hundreds of men, women and children have clothes which they use for Halloween alone. And, like you, they get bored and want a change. All you have to do is find someone who is looking to mix and match and trade costumes. That way, no one has to show up at a party wearing last year’s ensemble. What will the neighbors say? Of course, you can swap back on the 1st of November. Just make sure you have something “new” to wear on the night.

Branch Out

It’s tempting to follow the Halloween theme to the letter, like dressing as a zombie or a maniacal clown. However, Halloween is about resurrecting the undead. As long as the person or thing is dead, it’s fair game this 31st. For example, young people have been dressing as undead sexy nurses for quite a while. A nurse has nothing to do with the holiday, yet stick the word “undead” in the mix and it works. Simply put, any person, animal or thing is a good costume as long as it is pale and oozes blood. So, rather than do the same old thing, try a different character or famously deceased celebrity. In the past, Halloween night has seen everyone from undead Florence Nightingale to undead Sandy in Grease. The last one is still alive, and that is how flexible the holiday is because it doesn’t discriminate. You know? Unless it’s against living people.

Ultimately, there is no room to panic. The holiday is coming up fast and you need a killer costume. By being creative and flexible, you’ll be the zombie belle of the ball.

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