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Tips for travelling light with children - Guest post by Cup of Toast

One thing I can't manage to do is pack less so i'm pleased to show you this guest post by Jo who writes at Cup of Toast which is tips for travelling light with children.

I am certainly not a seasoned traveller, but I do love a good holiday. Home or abroad, I feel that packing is now down to a fine art in our family, and, with six out of seven seats in our car being filled when we go on holiday courtesy of our family of five plus our dog, travelling light is a necessity. 

My top tips for achieving this are fairly straight forward, and I’m a big believer that whatever the size of your family you can go away without looking like a university student heading off for their first year. So, here are my tips for travelling light with children:

1. Give each child a small bag.This can be a small child’s suitcase or a small backpack. Ask them to fill it with whichever toys, books or games they would like to take away, and stick to only taking those. Add some pens and paper to your own packing and mobile entertainment will be complete. Remember that once away you will find all sorts of things to keep you all occupied!

2. Choose the right bag for you.If you set out your largest bag or suitcase you will most likely fill it up. Instead, choose a small to medium sized bag and slim down the pile of items that you want to take.

3. Roll clothes up.Rolling clothes up makes it much easier to pack them than folding them. It can also help to reduce wrinkles.

4. Count the days.Count the days that you will be away for and only take enough clothes for one outfit per day. Take tops and trousers that are interchangeable, and a small pot of washing powder which you can either use where you’re staying, or at a launderette. Aim to do one wash during each week that you’re away so that emergency spares are available if needed.

5. Use pockets and zipped compartments wisely.Tuck wallets and valuables into zipped compartments to keep them safe and separate, but also to free up space in your main luggage. You can also slip sunhats, scarfs or smaller items of clothing into side pockets or even coat pockets.

6. Online delivery.If you’re going on holiday in the UK, organise an online delivery to arrive on your first full day. Don’t just order food, also consider any other household items like toilet paper or kitchen towel that might be required.

7. Pack food wisely.For food that you are taking with you, choose wisely. You might well love soft fruit, but it won’t travel well. Consider where you’re going, and if an online delivery isn’t an option then look up local convenience stores or supermarkets in advance. Only take enough food to tide you over for the first 24 hours then stock up on fresh produce after you’ve arrived.

8. Consider toiletries.Whilst you may use a multitude of products at home, are these absolutely necessary when away? Try to find options that double up – shower and bath gel combined for example; 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Moisturiser can work wonders as a hair serum, which saves packing two different bottles. Think through what you might need and how much you might need.

9. Use your technology.Load up your kindle or kindle app with books before you leave. Download playlists or albums on Spotify. If you have Netflix or a similar online streaming service you can even download films and television programmes. All this will help to free up precious space that books, CDs and DVDs take up in your luggage.

10. Check ahead.Whilst you would most likely expect a hotel to provide linen, the majority of holiday cottages also provide towels and bedding. Check ahead to see what is included so that you pack wisely and don’t duplicate what is already there.

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  1. i totally agree with giving them their own bag - makes it much easier when they are 'in charge' of their own things x

    1. Definitely. Mine love the idea that they are helping too ;) thanks for your comment x

  2. Oh what a fab list I would never have thought of ordering food to arrive at your holiday destination. But that is a brill idea. xx

    1. Thanks! It does make a difference to space in the car ;) thanks for your comment x

  3. Great tips here lovely! We're off on our first holiday abroad next year so will be sure to bear some of this in mind! Love the idea of rolling clothes up to maximise space and reduce wrinkles! xx

    1. There is an art to it but it frees up a surprising amount of space! Thanks for your comment and enjoy your holiday :) x

  4. Some great tips here! This is something I ALWAYS struggle with. I find I am getting better with age! Xx


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