Monday, 24 July 2017

Protecting yourself from Malaria whilst abroad

The summer holiday season has arrived and people are travelling to destinations all over the world. There are many worldwide destinations that require you to have immunisations or Malaria tablets before you travel. 

We are taking our summer holiday in Turkey. I've checked the precautions for that Country and we are all up to date with the vaccines etc that are required. For Malaria prevention it states that no anti-malaria tablets are required but the usual precautions of protecting yourself from mosquito bites should be followed. 

It is so important to check you are taking the right health precautions when you travel. I remember when hubby and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro back in 2012. We had a whole list of vaccines to make sure we were up to date with and were also informed that we had to have protection from Yellow Fever and Malaria.

The Malaria tablets (Malarone) were very expensive but they were essential. You can buy generic Malarone tablets which are a non-branded version. Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitos and if it isn't diagnosed and treated properly it can be fatal. 

I actually became very ill whilst climbing Kilimanjaro and the doctor was worried I may have had Malaria but it was ruled out quickly. I had most of the symptoms such as a high temperature, fever, headache, sickness and muscle aches. It was quite scary as I was very ill and stuck in a tent on a mountain. I felt very vulnerable and frightened. Luckily it was just a chest infection but climbing back down the mountain with a chest infection was a challenge.

Are you going anywhere on holiday that requires Malaria tablets? Have you ever been anywhere where you have had to have vaccinations?

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