Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Dusting the cobwebs from my bike

Both my girls are now at an age where they love being outdoors, whether that is playing in the garden, at the park, walking or riding their bikes and scooters. It only recently occurred to me that hubby and I don't join in with their bike rides.

Cycling is not something i've enjoyed properly since I was a child and even then I wasn't that great at it. Before we had children hubby and I decided we were on a fitness mission and so Santa kindly bought me a bike and I can safely say I can count the times I have rode on it on one hand. Shameful I know. I remember being so pleased when I got it. We set out on the Taff Trail and whilst I enjoyed taking in the views whilst coasting downhill, I almost had a nervous breakdown attempting to cycle uphill which resulted in tears and the rest is history. The bike was banished to the back of the garage, never to be seen again. After reading this survey; British Cyclists' Survey by Cycle Republic, I decided it may be time to dust those cobwebs from my bike and enjoy cycling with my family. 

Cycling is very popular among adults and families alike. No longer is it a means of getting from A to B but it's a form of family bonding, days out, exercise and enjoyment. Many people cycle just for the thrill of the ride and that is something I would like to start doing again. I need to remember how much fun it was to ride a bike as a child. The perfect way to do this is with my children.

Usually when they go out on a bike ride, we often walk beside them but as their competence and confidence is growing, we should start cycling with them. I know they would love it and therefore so would I. I just want to cycle as fast as I can, laugh, take in the surroundings and have fun. I know cycling with my children will enable me to do that.

I do worry about safety though. I always kit the girls' out in helmets and other protective clothing. I don't think i'm brave enough to cycle on any roads yet and especially not with my children. In fact I feel like I'm having a mini heart-attack when I see young families cycling on a main road together and don't even get me started on roundabouts. 

We recently had the Velothon Wales here and I knew quite a lot of people taking part in the gruelling challenge. I wonder if I'll be entering something like that one day once I get a thrill for cycling again or will I be back writing a post about my rusty bike. I hope not. 

Do you cycle? If so, why?

*This is a collaborative post*


  1. I have forgotten how to ride my bike! I have been working hard to get my kids riding without their stabilisers and hopefully we will spend a lot of time at the park so they can practice over the summer

  2. I actually only learned how to ride a bike after I was 40! We don't have any cycle parks near us, where I could build my confidence before attempting the roads. I'm gutted, as I'd love to get on it more x

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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