Tuesday, 11 July 2017

5 Tips to Becoming Healthier in 30 Days

Health studies have shown that Americans who maintain bad health habits such as eating unhealthy foods, drinking alcohol, and smoking, are more susceptible to developing deadly illnesses than Americans who live healthily. In fact, according to a study from Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, the actual causes of premature deaths in the United States are not the diseases itself but the factors that cause those. Furthermore, the analyses have shown that 63% of deaths in the U.S. from 2008 to 2010 fall under the leading causes – heart disease, cancer, respiratory illnesses, and stroke. The good news is that the study determined that 40% of these deaths could be avoided through lifestyle changes; meaning, 92,000 lives could be saved from early death from heart diseases and 29,000 from lung diseases attributed to smoking.

Fortunately, being healthier does not mean a complete overhaul of your lifestyle. Starting on this fitness journey means taking few and simple changes and sticking to it. It is these gradual changes that will lower the risk of acquiring kinds of diseases and will eventually lead to a long and happy life. Here are 5 tips to jumpstart your fitness journey and to reduce your risk of having illnesses and become healthier in 30 days.

1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet.

A healthy diet and is considered as the most important component of fitness. Start by assessing your current diet and start tweaking some of the foods in it into healthier options. For every meal that you consume in a day, strive for a balanced nutrition like. This can be done by mixing fruits and vegetables with lean meat and whole grains. A healthy diet is not just a single type of food but a variety of it as the body requires different types of nutrients to function optimally.

2. Be more active and establish a fitness routine.

Exercising daily and being active throughout a day is beneficial to your health. This, however, does not necessarily mean going to the gym every day. Simply look for opportunities to be more active daily like walking instead of driving and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Choose an activity that you enjoy doing and you will start noticing the benefits on your body in no time.

3. Get enough sleep.

Sleep plays a very important role in your physical and mental health. Sleep is involved in the recovery of the heart and blood vessels, and repair damaged tissues. Thus, prolonged sleep deprivation may be linked to an increased risk of developing different diseases. Sleep forms new pathways in the brain to help you retain more information and it also enhances your physical and mental performance throughout the day.

4. Change your lifestyle and quit bad vices.

Vices like smoking and dependence on alcohol are directly related to different forms of cancer (usually lungs and liver), heart failure, and stroke. For long time smokers and alcoholics, adjusting to abrupt changes in lifestyle is very difficult. It is therefore important to approach the changes gradually to decrease the risk of a crash and eventual relapse.

5. Get tested regularly for STD’s.

Although sexually transmitted diseases do not belong to the leading causes of deaths, acquiring them equally increases your risk of getting complications which could also lead to death. Many STD’s can be treated with antibiotics although they may cause serious complications if left untreated long term. Since the majority of STDs have no symptoms and the only way to know is to get screened, you must always get a regular screening. Visit www.stdaware.com and have yourself tested now.

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  1. This is a great post - I definitely think I need to focus on a healthy diet.



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