Saturday, 3 June 2017

Taxi for Kerry

Today is the day of the Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid which is being played in my hometown of Cardiff. Of course I want a peace of the action and I want to soak up the atmosphere. I live about 20 minutes away from the centre so I've been looking into getting a train or bus into town but it is said to be chaotic. 

My next thought was to get a taxi. My usually taxi journey into Cardiff City Centre would take about 20 minutes but again I imagine this journey would take much longer with the road closures and the sheer amount of people trying to get to the same place. It got me thinking about the conversations i've had with taxi drivers and memorable journey's i've had.

Taxi talk usually consists of a conversation about the weather or how busy the driver is etc but I had a very different conversation with the driver that picked my husband and I up from the airport on the island of Kauai in Hawaii for our honeymoon.

Imagine the scene. We are excited, it's our honeymoon. We are loved up to the max and floating on air. We've collected our bags and exited the airport. In true Hawaiian style we are given Lei's to wear around our necks. The sun is shining and warmth heats our skin.

We get into the taxi and are greeted by our lovely, young driver. He chats to us. He tells us about the island as we soak up the extraordinary views. The conversation then turns slightly sour as for some reason he decides to tell us about their shark infested waters and tells us how many deaths there had been in recent years. This part of the conversation was incredibly detailed and lasted a good 20 minutes. We were both mortified and I couldn't get in the ocean for at least a week, thanks to him and his chat. 

I'll never forget that journey. It's funny how things become etched in your memory. I honestly couldn't tell you about anything else he was telling us on that journey and the shark attack conversation is all I can remember.

Anyway, back to the Champions League Final. After much procrastinating we have decided to watch it from the comfort of our home with a takeaway. Whenever we watch sport together there are always lots of opinions thrown back and forth. There's always lots of insanities thrown at the TV and various moans about managers and players. This infographic about footballs most expensive sackings made me laugh especially the part about Real Madrid which seems very apt for today, Footballs most expensive sackings.

What's your most memorable taxi journey? Will you be watching the football?

*This is a collaborative post*


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  1. Haha. That graphic is soooo funny. Those managers who have failed at their clubs. We used to say taxi for a or taxi for b when i used to go to footy games. Wouldnt want to pay those taxi fares tho. Great
    Post that made me laugh


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