Friday, 16 June 2017

Hair Loss! The Untold Post Baby Symptom

During both my pregnancies I had the most beautiful hair. It was thick, healthy, it shone and it bounced around like something out of a shampoo advert. It grew fast and it was so easy to manage. Anything I wanted it to do, it did. I could curl it, perfect the mum bun and straighten it. However, no one warned me about hair loss once the baby arrived.

I didn't notice it at first. Let's face it, Why would you? You're so focused on your new arrival. Completely sleep deprived and in unknown territory. Once I was settled into life with a newborn, I started noticing minor changes.

It started to become obvious when I was washing my hair in the shower. Literally clumps of it used to come out. You can imagine the look of horror in my face. I used to panic as I'd think there was something wrong with me. It became so bad that I used to grab my husband every time I washed it to show him how much was coming out.

I'd also have to clean out my hairbrush quite regularly. It was covered in my think, scraggly hair. Where had those beautiful, thick, brunette locks disappeared to?

I tried everything to keep it healthy. I used moroccan oils, I didn't wash it much and I tried not to use any heat on it.

When I had Ophelia, my second baby it got a lot worse. At least on my first it was just the hair loss to contend with. But on my second it was hair loss and regrowth!! It was the same scenario with losing my hair when I was showering etc but a few months down the line I started to find my hair incredibly difficult to manage.

My fringe was where I first noticed it. I'd blow dry and straighten my hair and I'd start to see these tiny, sharp, little hairs at the front. I actually thought they were hairs that my straighteners had broken but honestly they looked like a mans hair would at first. Little spiky bits poking out the top of my head. I was so embarrassed. Then they started growing. 

I asked my hairdresser for advice, as it was driving me crazy. He said unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it. I'd even spoke to my husband about Hair Transplant Cost. I just wanted nice, long, thick hair again. 

It seems to be one of those post baby symptoms that no one tells you about. Every body told me about the tiredness and the hormones making you feel overly emotional but nobody warned me that I would lose any hair or even regrow new baby hair. Perhaps I was just one of the unlucky ones getting some sort of symptom no one else did but i'm sure there are more of you that had the same experience.

Did you lose any hair? How did you look after your hair?

*This is a collaborative post*



  1. I didn't really have this after pregnancy. My hair is normally thick, bouncy and so easy to manage, but when I'm pregnant it is just awful. It goes really greasy, oily, limp and just awful to do anything with. Pregnancy does the most bizarre things to our bodies!

  2. My hair has always been thick and sometimes bushy! No particular pregnancy changes... It thinned a little when I went on the Pill as a teenager but no other changes due to hormones


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