Sunday, 18 June 2017

Dreaming of Travelling the World with a Lottery Win

As you may know we are a travel loving family. After recently booking our next trip we fantasised about what it would be like to travel the world full time. We'd love to just quit our jobs and take our girls on a worldwide adventure but of course we sadly haven't got the money to do that. We imagined what it would be like to do this if we had a massive lottery win.

We would travel first class by aeroplane to every destination. Imagine that?! No airport queues, a place to yourself on the plane where you could just sit back and relax. If only. If we had a huge lottery win, we could even travel by private jet and live like celebrities. 

Top of our destination list would be a couple of weeks of serene, luxury in the Maldives. We would love to stay in one of those little villas that are out at sea. Just imagine being able to wake up surrounded by all that ocean. 

We'd also visit Santorini. It's a bit closer to home than the Maldives but it still looks breathtaking. It looks like an instagrammer's idea of heaven with all those pristine white buildings against the bright blue skies and sea. 

Even though i've been to New York before, I've always wanted to visit at Christmas time. It always looks so magical. The lights, the snow, the cold and the decorations. I'd love to see the sites and then Christmas shop till I drop. I'd love to shop Pretty Woman style and turn up in a designer shop dressed in awful clothes and just flash the cash.

We would definitely visit DisneyWorld every year. We adore everything about Disney so we'd have as many holiday's there as we could. We'd stay in any of the hotels. In fact if we won lots of money then I think we'd try staying in every single one of the Disney hotels. I'd also stay in the secret suite in Cinderella's castle in Orlando. 

What would be on your bucket list if you could travel the world on a lottery win? We regularly play the UK lottery but did you know that we can actually play the USA lottery online through Lottoland? Signing up to Lottoland gives you access to their draws including the Megamillions which actually created the second biggest jackpot win of all time. With supersize jackpots every week, that's the lottery I need to take part in.

You can also play the Powerball which last year gave away a jackpot over $1.6 billion dollars. Wowzers. What on earth would you do with all that money? I'd have more than world travel on my list of how to spend it. What would you spend it on?

*This is a collaborative post with Lottoland. Please gamble responsibly*



  1. Wow if only i could win the lottery id be all over the world. I regularly play the UK lottery but didnt know about Lottoland until you mentioned it. I will be Signing up with them and i dont mind being taken to the states to collect my winnings

  2. That sounds like a perfect holiday. All the destinations, except Disneyland, are on my list as well.

  3. I would also definitely travel the world if I won the lottery...we share the same wanderlust!

  4. I'd love to cruise around the whole world. I am terrified of flying but am desperate to see some of the sights!


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