Monday, 26 June 2017

Child Friendly Updates for your Home This Summer

If your kids are anything like mine, then they’ll love nothing more than tearing around the home, but this can cause a great deal of anxiety for parents as the home can be a dangerous place. Slippery floors, staircases, fragile items and toys left on the floor are just a few of the hazards to be wary of, which is why it is worth taking a look at your home this summer and look for where you can make child-friendly updates.

Rugs over floorboards
Kids (and sometimes adults if no one is looking) like to slide around on floorboards, but this can be dangerous. They may slip and hurt themselves, crash into something or possibly get a splinter (getting these out is never fun). To eradicate this problem, consider putting a sheepskin rug down. These rugs are hardwearing, so the kids can enjoy playing on top of them without you worrying about them wearing down too quickly.

Dedicated playing area
Instead of having little ones charging all over the house, why not set up an area for them to play in? By having a contained area where they can have fun and make a mess, it will help to keep the rest of the house tidy (hopefully).

Extra storage
There is nothing worse than stepping on Lego or attempting to navigate through hundreds of toys on the floor, plus this can also be dangerous. Invest in additional storage so that they can pack away everything after they have finished playing - this should create good habits for the future too.

Creative spaces
In addition to an area where they can play, it is also smart to have an area where the kids can be creative - encouraging their creativity is important and it can help to develop many skills. Have small desks and art materials near a window or somewhere peaceful, and you can also fuel their creativity by placing books and photographs around the home. Show your support by proudly hanging their artwork on a notice board or on the fridge.

Outdoor toys and games
Playing in the garden is much healthier and more enjoyable for kids, plus it also stops the house from getting messy. Encourage outside play by investing in some new outdoor toys for the summer - water guns, climbing frames and paddling pools are just a few ideas.

A family home must be suitable both for adults and children, but it is essential that it is safe too. The above tips will help to create a safe and happy home for all.

*This is a collaborative post*


  1. Excellent advice. I particularly like the sheepskink rugs idea. Would look great and be functional. All ideas mentioned have merit on their own. But if you could combine a few it should be awsome.

    1. We defo need some new outdoor toys here. Love the sheepskin rugs. So cosy x

  2. We have the spare room as a lego room at the moment! And just bought a couple of paddling pools and play tents from Aldi...


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