Saturday, 10 June 2017

Arranging a blogger weekend gathering

One of the best things to emerge from my life as a blogger is the amazing friendships I have formed. If someone would have said to me that your closest friends will be online friends, some of which you have never met, I would have laughed out loud. However, this is the truth. 

I am so lucky to have found a group of amazing ladies who I chat with every day. We started off just talking about blogging and our friendships blossomed. We all tell each other everything and help each other in so many ways. I feel so blessed to have them in life.

However, some of these ladies I have never met in real life. Can you believe it?! It's pretty shocking really. I feel so close to them yet we've never even been in the same room. We all live quite far apart and are based all over The UK and one is based in Qatar. This proves rather difficult when trying to arrange get togethers.

However, this summer we are all going to be in THE UK at the same time and therefore we are planning a get together. Not just a quick meet, we want a whole girly weekend together to have fun and create memories. 

We've been looking into where to go and places to stay. We thought about a spa weekend or staying in a hotel but we've decided that cottages for large party groups would be better suited for us as we are a group of 12 and we'd all like to be in the same place.

Image taken from Party Houses

We've been browsing the website Party Houses which has some incredible properties. There are many different venues to choose from such as barns, cottages, houses and villas. 

We love the idea of all of us sharing the same space and not being too cramped. We've got visions of a sleepover style night where we'll all get into our pyjamas and have a takeaway and a pamper session. We'd have our nails painted, our hair done and facials. We want relaxation but also fun. 

This would then be followed by a wild night. A night of partying. We're imagining getting dressed up and having dinner. Then we'd party the night away, playing drinking games, singing on the karaoke and dancing until our feet hurt. None of this could be achieved in a hotel.

We basically want a weekend of no parenting and time to be ourselves and enjoy each others company. Being bloggers it would have to be somewhere that is pretty enough for instagram as i'm sure we'll be taking lots of pictures. You know what we're like. 

I honestly cannot wait to meet all of these ladies. To be able to give them a real hug and not a virtual one. To be able to see their faces and hear their accents. It's going to be fab. Watch this space. 

*This is a collaborative post*



  1. Wow sounds great. Ive never heard of party houses before but just googled it and it amazing. I know where me and the gang will be looking for iur next getaway. Thanks for the info

  2. Hope this all works out for you, I'd love to meet other bloggers, I feel like I know them so well already!

  3. This sounds amazing. This is one area I still haven't found, my blogging friends. I have a few who I chat to but I think as I keep dipping in and out I keep missing forming friendships. Hope you have a great time


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