Sunday, 14 May 2017

Getting a Summer Holiday Glow

Summer is fast approaching and one of my favourite things about it is getting a summer glow. There's no doubt about it the sunshine makes you look and feel happier. Summer is also my favourite fashion season. All the whites and pastels are gorgeous but I always want a nice tan against them.

As I've gotten older I've realised how important it is to look after your skin and stay safe in the sun. Gone are the days when I would spend all day lying on a sun-bed by the pool getting completely frazzled and burnt. I'll confess, when I was younger I used to use tanning oil when I was abroad. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed about that. I hate to think of the damage I caused my skin. 

These days I am slathering myself and the kids in high factor sun cream to protect us. I also make sure we use it at home in the UK. Before I had children I was rubbish at using suncream in the UK. For some reason I just never used it.

An important tip for protecting yours and your children's skin when you're on holiday is to always reapply your suncream after a swim. I must admit I need to get better at this. We also avoid sunbathing and playing in the sun during peak hours when the suns rays are at its strongest.

Having said all that, I still crave that bronzed glow. One way to achieve this all summer long is to use a Gradual Tan St Tropez. I'm quite fortunate to have a nice shade to my skin and therefore i'm not very pale. However, I do love the natural sun kissed look so using a gradual tanning lotion would be a perfect alternative to sunbathing this summer. It's not something i've actually used before but i'm keen to try it. 

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It would also be great for making sure you're not the palest person on the beach when you arrive on holiday. You could start using the lotion a couple of weeks before hand and whilst you were there.

Have you used a gradual tanning lotion before? Have you used any St Tropez products? Are you a fan of fake tan?

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  1. I've used the 'St. Tropez gradual tan in shower' and absolutely loved it. Would definitely recommend if you haven't tried it already. Great post!!x

  2. I carry sun lotion around for Erin all the time. I like the sound of the gradual tan for me

  3. I have used a couple of the fog radial tanners on my legs as they are SO white! They work really well X

  4. I could do with a gradual tan for my legs. My feet and arms tan but my legs stay pasty white, ggggrrrrrr!

  5. I'm a big fan of pre holiday tanning. I love this so you can work on your colour before travels and feel good in summer clothes from day one! Kat x

  6. Great post. It felt like summer here last week but this week has been all rain. I can't wait for summer to start proper. I love the sound of this product.

  7. I am considering using St Tropez products just a bit worried about that horrible orange look that so often fake tan gives.

  8. I've never used an st tropes of tanning products. But I've used a dove cream that adds a nice golden glow to your skin. I'm all about the golden glitter effect

  9. I would definitely use this product, especially on my legs coming up to summer. They would be pasty white otherwise

  10. Oh I cannot wait for a summer tan, coming from South Africa I find it so hard being so pale most of the year here in Wales. Really good to look after your skin though and protect it from the rays

    Laura x


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