Saturday, 8 April 2017

In need of a good night's sleep

Now more than ever do I feel like I am getting less and less sleep. It's silly really because in terms of my children sleeping through the night, i've always been very lucky (touch wood). The only times my girls haven't slept through is when they were babies and needed feeding or if they are ill. However, I still find I have a very disturbed sleep.

My husband suffers with a bad back and also a lack of sleep. We realised we haven't changed our mattress for a long time and wondered whether that may be affecting us. 

We've also tried new pillows and new duvet covers. I always feel I have to sleep with two pillows and hubby always has one. We still can't get the balance right. No matter what position we sleep in, we still both wake up every morning saying we had a rubbish night's sleep.

After a bit of searching I came across this video which talks about what is the healthiest way to sleep.

I found the part about how the number of pillows affect your body alignment and spine a fascinating watch. We really need to change up our sleep routine and sleeping comforts. I think for us a new bed is in order. 

Whether you're looking for a new bed for yourself, your children or an adjustamatic bed for an elderly member of your family, remember to take into consideration what the healthiest ways to sleep are.

**This is a collaborative post**


  1. Chris and I are looking for a new bed, will we ever agree on what we want?! I think most people don't appreciate their bed enough, I'd love to spend more time in mine!

  2. I am the same I always say that I that I have had a rubbish nights sleep x

  3. They really sound like a fab range of products. Very interesting about the body alinement when sleeping.

  4. I have disturbed sleep and wake up with aches and pains. Changed the matress 2 years ago and it helps a bit. Used to sleep with 2 pillows but now only 1. Great video and sound advice


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