Monday, 17 April 2017

I live in organised mess

I have a bit of a confession to make, I live in organised mess. I used to tell myself that my husband was the one that caused all the mess and chaos in our house and that I was the organised one.

Truth be told, I did used to be incredibly organised. Everything would have its place and if it was moved half a centimetre I would have known about it. That was until I had kids.

Since i've had kids I've ended up being rather messy. I think it comes part and parcel with having the kids. You just can't keep the house tidy at all times. So there you have it, I will finally admit, I am messy.

I don't usually believe in the zodiac readings etc but this infographic is spot on for me. Embarrassingly so. I am a Taurus and as it explains in this, I am very stubborn and I like to think I am organised. Everything has its place. This is very true in our house. Everything is in organised chaos.

My husband is a Scorpio and again this is true for him too. We always joke about how much of a hoarder he is. He has receipts from years ago in his wallet.

We have been trying to organise our study. We both work from home part time and we need an office space. Well to put it bluntly you can't even see the computer. It's very embarrassing. It's one of those rooms in the house where you make sure the door is closed when you have visitors over. We need to get some organisation in this room asap.

Are you a hoarder? Are you organised? Does this infographic by Furniture at Work ring true for you? It certainly does for us.

*This is a collaborative post*


  1. I am a scorpio and I am a bit of a hoarder too x

  2. ha! Yes it certainly does. I am a Capricorn though. My work area is currently my bed though as I hate my study chair. I have certainly learnt to embrace mess since having Jamie

  3. I can't see Gemini, but I'm organised chaos too! I wish I wasn't, I wish I was immaculate, like my mum x

  4. I'm Gemini. I live in chaos due to my kids! I have lists everywhere to keep track of everyone and everything.


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