Thursday, 9 March 2017

Getting excited about the final of The Jump

If there's one thing I love doing, it is watching celebrities on reality TV shows. My latest favourite show is The Jump. If you haven't watched it before it is a series whereby celebrities attempt various winter sports. 

It is now in its 4th series with the final coming up this weekend. There have been some great celebrity contestants on there this year which has made the show thrilling to watch. I'm routing for Lydia Bright who originally stared in The Only Way Is Essex. She has such a likeable personality and I think she has been doing really well.

Whilst watching the last show with my husband, we ended up talking about how much the celebrities got paid for taking part. We figured it must be quite a bit for shows such as this one where they could potentially seriously injure themselves. Winter sports aren't exactly the safest things to be taking part in. We were throwing random numbers at each other and spent ages guessing and speculating. 

It then got us talking for a while about other prgrammes such as Celebrity Big Brother, Bake Off and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. We managed to find an infographic that Cash Lady wrote which has been picked up here,

We were gobsmacked by some of the figures. Can you believe that Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea got paid over £300,000 to take part in I'm A Celebrity? That's a staggering amount of money. I'm clearly in the wrong job.

Samantha Fox is rumoured to have been paid £110,00 for Celebrity Big Brother and Christopher Biggens was paid £150,00. Based on the infographic I think I'm a Celebrity seems to be the better paid reality show.

What did you think of these figures? Do you watch The Jump? If so who do you think will win?



  1. I don't really watch ant of these tv shows. Thanks for sharing though x

  2. Crazy figures! I see why a lot of these celebrities who have disappeared suddenly make an appearance - their funds must be low! haha x


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