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5 pieces of Gym Equipment to consider for a home gym

Have you grown tired of waiting in long queues just to use a rusty and sweaty training equipment in a cheap local gym? Are you spending hundreds of bucks each month for an upscale gym membership and still end up unsatisfied for getting less than what you paid for? If you answered yes to either questions, then it may be time for you to consider setting up your own gym at home. Not only it can save you a lot of money in the long run, but it also boosts your focus and motivation more consistently.

Space is an important consideration in setting up a personal home gym. Of course, the larger you have, the more training equipment can fit in. But if you have at least some space where you can stand or lie down comfortably, then you are good to go. You may need to invest a fair amount of money for the gym equipment. But the savings that you can get from avoiding an expensive gym membership and eliminating the need to use your car to go to a local gym, plus the improved quality of training that you can get at home, are all worth more than what you invested for.

To start with, here are five of the recommended pieces of gym equipment that you can buy when setting up a personal gym at home. As your space and budget increases, you may gradually add more training equipment into your collection.

TRX Suspension System

TRX, which stands for total body resistance, is a popular training system originally used in the US Navy Seals. The concept of the TRX Suspension System involves the use of body weight to generate resistance and improve balance and stability. The equipment consists of a pair of durable straps with handles, and accessories for suspending the straps from the ceiling, a wall, or a stable door. If you have a pull-up bar, you can attach the suspension straps instead.  Perform a wide range of exercises including squats, dips, presses, extensions, rows, and so much more with a TRX suspension system.

Power Rack

A power rack is a versatile gym equipment that makes weightlifting routines safer and more efficient. It eliminates the need for a spotter and it allows you to perform different workouts such as squats, bench presses, and deadlift, with a limited space at home. Click here for a complete Power Rack guide.

Barbell and Plate Set

A barbell and plate set is perhaps the most important component of a great home gym. It is used to train virtually all muscle groups including the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and legs. For a more efficient training, consider buying a 7-foot Olympic bar and rubber-coated bumper plates of standard sizes.


To maximize the advantages of a barbell and plate set, complement it with a sturdy bench. If budget is not an issue, consider buying an adjustable bench instead. It allows you to add variability to your regular exercises such as the inclined chest press and shoulder press.


A fitness program will never be complete without doing a couple of cardiovascular exercises. And a treadmill is just the perfect equipment for that. It strengths the lower body while improving overall endurance. It also allows you to burn calories and lose weight faster.

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