Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Christmas Blogger Interview - Raising the Rings

Next to feature on the Christmas Blogger interview series is my beautiful friend Jade from http://raisingtherings.com.

1 - Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

Not any that we’ve been following for years. I will be doing the Christmas Eve boxes for the boys. I know Jamie’s dad would like to do a present on Christmas Eve too

2 - What’s your ultimate Christmas movie?

Oh without a doubt I love Elf. But there are so many classics that I haven’t seen yet that I plan to sit down and watch this year, hopefully with the boys.

3 - What 3 songs would be top of your festive playlist?

The one’s I always find myself singing are ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’, ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’.

4 - Are you an online shopper or do you go to the actual stores?

I love doing both. I love the convenience of buying the bigger things online that I can have delivered but you don’t get the festive feel about it like you do when you visit the shops. I try to go to the shops a bit closer to Christmas, probably on one of the late nights so it’s all lit up and Christmassy.

5 - Do you make shopping lists or buy things when you see something nice?

Both. I have an idea of what I’d like to get as the ‘main’ presents but if anything else catches my eye for someone that I know would be the perfect gift, I usually end up getting that too.

6 - Do you send Christmas cards?

I only do ‘special’ ones for close family, but for everyone else I make a charitable donation. It’s such a waste when the cards just end up in the bin anyway, it’s a waste of money.

7 - Do you have an elf on the shelf? What do you do with it?
We have an Elf For Christmas rather than a traditional elf on the shelf. We’re not doing much with it this year purely because our efforts would go unnoticed as the boys don’t ‘get it’ yet. But it’s out nonetheless so the boys remember it next year (hopefully!).

8 - Do you have chocolate advent calendars or something else?

It wouldn’t be right if you didn’t have a chocolate advent calendar. I did love the look of the beauty ones but there’s just so much stuff in them I’d never use and it seemed a waste. But chocolate is never wasted in our house.

9 - Do you do a Christmas eve box? If so what’s in it?

Hopefully this will be becoming one of our traditions so I expect it to evolve over the years as the boys get older. But this year I’m going with festive pyjamas, a Christmas book or two, hot chocolate mix and reindeer food. I’d love to try and get them a cuddly toy from one of the Christmas adverts this year too. Oh and some chocolate, Father Christmas’ key to get in and a few other little bits if I see something that takes my fancy.

10- Do you make any gifts?

Oh I wish I had the time! I do like to do a bit of Christmas baking, but it’s definitely not gift worthy. We might make some salt dough decorations this year for the grandparents though!

11- Do you do any Christmas crafts?

I haven’t previously because the boys were too young but I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this year, even if it’s something small.

12 - If you could only eat 3 things from your Christmas dinner, what would they be?

This is the worst question ever. Brussels sprouts, Jamie’s dad’s stuffing and roast potatoes.

13 - What’s your favourite festive tipple?

Anything with vodka in it.

14 - Where are you spending Christmas this year?
We are hopefully spending it with Jamie’s parents again. I don’t think Christmas would be the same with just us opening our presents at home. I love having everyone together and making the absolute most of it. Then we’re off to Center Parcs for 3 nights between Christmas and New Year. It’s going to be so magical and I am so, so excited.

15 - If you could go to any Christmas market in the world where would you go?

We went to Bruges last year and it was beautiful although pretty tiny so I’ve got my sights set on three more. Dresden in Germany, Colmar in France or Vienna in Austria. They all look absolutely beautiful. I think as long as it’s a European Christmas market then I’d be more than happy to be there!

A big thank you to Jade for joining in. You can keep up to date with her and her blog on the following social media:



  1. Love reading interviews like this. Lovely to get to know you Jade

  2. Loving these interviews every time I come across them reminds me of old-school blogging <3

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  3. This interview put me in the Christmas spirits! I'm late to it this year as I've been poorly at the beginning of the school holidays...

  4. My top 3 christmas songs are - Last Christmas, Fairytale Of New York and Wonderful Christmas Time x

  5. Ah love Jade's blog...lovely interview and feeling very festive now!

  6. Oh I love these interviews, I love Elf too x


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