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The Christmas Blogger Interview - Kirsty Dee

Next to feature on my Christmas Blogger series is

1 Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

We have a very simple routine. We wish each a merry Christmas, run down stairs and give each other our gifts and open all our presents. Then we have breakfast, visit family followed by Christmas lunch and then an afternoon of eating too much and playing games we've got for Christmas. If we stay at home for Christmas, then on boxing day we have a family day walking along Bournemouth beach.  This year we will be going to my hometown of Spennymoor in Co.Durham for Christmas. 

2 What’s your ultimate Christmas movie?

Love Actually although Gremlins makes me feel all Chrismassy too hehe! 

3 What 3 songs would be top of your festive playlist?

Band Aid 'Do They Know It's Christmas', Mariah Carey 'All I Want For Christmas and  The Pogues & Kirsty McColl 'Fairytale of New York. 

4 Are you an online shopper or do you go to the actual stores?

Oh I love the actual stores and the Christmassy feel although I do a little online shopping.

5 Do you make shopping lists or buy things when you see something nice?

I tend to spend a lot for time thinking about the gift and will write a list. Although if I'm struggling to think I'll just go looking for inspiration and if I see something I think they'll love I just get it. 

6 Do you send Christmas cards?

No. I used too, but I've cut down every year and this year I'm not doing any with the exception of the postman with a token of appreciation. That's a tradition I want to keep. I just feel although it's nice to send and receive cards that's a heck of a lot of unnecessary trees cut down. I sort of feel cards should be given to people who may need one to know someone cares, that neighbour that doesn't have any family etc not for family and friends who have an abundance of love around them at Christmas. 

7 Do you have an elf on the shelf? What do you do with it?

No I don't, I may sound a bit of a bore but I don't really get it. The elves did kindly leave my kids an kinder egg on the 1st of December because them know my kids are obsessed with them and a letter to remind them to write their's to Santa. After that the elves then tend to be busy making presents, but they do manage to visit the kids again Chrismas eve with a special box.

8 Do you have chocolate advent calendars or something else?

The kids do. Me and my hubby haven't bothered this year as we are saving and I'm trying to be healthier too. Although I have to admit some of these fancy advent calendars are making me a bit jel haha. My son has paw patrol and my daughter shopkins, plus she also has a very special Smiggle one that her Aunty sent her for being brave and starting a new school. 

9 Do you do a Christmas eve box? If so what’s in it?

No I leave it to the elves who bring one for the kids ;) 
The elves usually fill it with a personalised letter, pj's, book, reindeer dust, chocolate treat, toothbrush, teddy and any other little things they think they'll love for bedtime. 

10 Do you make any gifts?

No. I tried to do make some DIY birthday presents this year that were so bad I was a bit embarrassed. Lesson learnt. I'll be sticking to shop bought purchases for Christmas presents. 

11 Do you do any Christmas crafts?

Only those on at Christmas fayres. 

12 If you could only eat 3 things from your Christmas dinner, what would they be?

Yorkshire puddings, gravy and mint sauce :O

13 What’s your favourite festive tipple?

Quite partial to a cherry lambrini. Hardcore you know. 

14 Where are you spending Christmas this year?

Travelling up north to county Durham to my hometown to be with family. 

15 If you could go to any Christmas market in the world where would you go?

New York

Thank you Kirsty for taking part. Absolutely love your picture. 

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  1. So lovely to see how other celebrate the festive season. I do love watching Love Actually, I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify for about a week!

  2. Love seeing how Christmas traditions can be so similar yet other aspects can be so different from our traditions

  3. Glad to see how all countries celebrate Christmas day. Holiday season, it's like no border line in all over the world.


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