Monday, 28 November 2016

Sofia the First Toys from Jakks Pacific - Review

Disney Junior is a firm favourite in our house with Sofia the First being one of Eva's favourite TV shows. She is a girly girl who loves anything to do with princesses. She loves pink, purple, ball gowns, tiara's and basically anything that sparkles. She was delighted when she was sent a fantastic bundle of new Sofia the First products from Jakks Pacific to review. 

We were overwhelmed when we saw all of the items. We were sent:

Sofia the First Royal Friend 3″ Figure (RRP £5.99)
Sofia the First Mini Royal Prep Art Class Playset (RRP £9.99)
Mini Princess Amber’s Closet Playset (RRP £9.99)
Sofia the First Royal Tiara (RRP £6.99)
Sofia the First Royal Camera (RRP £9.99)
Ruby with Royal Friend Figure (RRP £5.99)
Jade with Royal Friend Figure (RRP £5.99)
Sofia the First Backpack (RRP £12.99)

If there's one thing Eva really loves, its a bag. She takes after me on that one. She has quite a few bags but she decided this was the bag she was going to use for big school (she started preschool in September). It's a good sized rucksack and would be perfect for sleepovers or days out. She carries it almost everyday to school and she literally has about 2 things in there but she loves it.

Eva also loves to take pictures. Again I think she has developed that passion from me. As you can imagine I'm not always willing to give her my actual camera to use so this was an idea solution. The camera came with batteries (this is normally unheard of in toyland). She set to work straight away taking pictures of anything and everything in sight. When she looks through the viewfinder she can see various scenes from Sofia the First and when she presses to take a picture, it actually makes a camera noise. I love the fact that it comes with a removable lens. Just like mummy's she says.

Eva already had a Sofia the First dressing up dress so she was thrilled to get the tiara to match. 

The royal friend figurines were Sofia, Ruby and Jade. Each one comes with an animal featured in the show. The figures are identical to how they look on the programme. I often find with children's toys that they can sometimes look slightly odd but these are a very good match. They are great for imaginative and role play which she tends to do a lot of nowadays. They are a handy size to pack in a bag if you are going to a restaurant or anywhere where the kids would need entertaining. In fact, Eva packed them in her hand-luggage for our very recent trip on the Eurostar. 

The mini royal prep art class playset comes with a Sofia figure. The set is almost magical as when you dip the paintbrush in water and start painting the wall, then a picture of a pony appears on one side and different colours on the other. Eva found this amazing.

Amber's closet playset comes complete with an Amber figurine, a closet, a mannequin and removable clothes. Eva is able to remove and place the clothes on Amber without my help.

Overall, we think these toys are really good value for money. There are plenty more available in the collection and with prices as low as these then we don't mind adding to the collection. You can view and buy the collection here, Smyths.

*We were gifted these toys in exchange for our honest opinion*



  1. How amazing, what a fab selection. That backpack is gorgeous. My niece would love these toys she is 6.

  2. Aww these are so lovely. Rosalie would love this! Xx

  3. Eva looks so happy with her new toys. love the backpack especially. i think the Sophia the first program is just so cute x

  4. Aw great selection. My little man was going to be called Sofia if he was a girl :)

  5. How cute those toys are! And Eva seems to have lots of fun with them, I would love to have little girl and get them these type of toys :) x

  6. These look adorable, Eliza loved Sofia the First

  7. Oh bless, how incredibly cute does she look wearing that backpack x

  8. fab collection! My daughter is called Sofia and I was so excited that I new princess came out with her name....she hates it! She isn't that girly though!

  9. This is a great selection of toys and the bag looks so much bigger with her wearing it!

  10. What a lovely thing for her to receive. She looks thrilled! X

  11. We received these too. They're lovely aren't they! My girls adore Sofia x

  12. Sofia The First is such a cute character and my little one used to do the same thing with only putting a few items in her backpack haha. Such a great gift x

  13. What a great range and so reasonably priced. You would normally pay a lot more for Disney products. Great info

  14. I love the figures. Even my four year old boy likes the Sofia. He does understand now though that its for girls lol


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