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Guest Post - My Dread of Halloween

My next halloween guest post for halloween is from the lovely BattleMum who writes at Here she describes how she's not fan of dressing up and costumes.

I have never really been one for Halloween. I hate dressing up or fancy dress and the thought of going trick or treating with my son in the near future fills me with dread. Yep, I’m a party pooper.
I hadn’t ever come across Halloween until we returned to Ireland from South Africa when I was 9 years old. Later that year, as October the 31st drew near, all my classmates started talking about dressing up, going trick or treating and going to the bonfires. I was curious but once I found out what trick and treating entailed I thought “nope, not for me”.
At the time of my first few Halloween experiences there were very few real fancy dress costumes to be bought at realistic prices. Dressing up often meant a black bag as a witch’s coat/dress, a hat my aunts had bought us and a homemade broom stick which fell apart if it was raining on the night in question. Cardboard sucks when it gets wet! Or worse still an old sheet thrown over our heads and eye holes cut out. Now to some this may sound like fun but when you are 10, 11 or 12 and as shy as I was, it was embarrassing.
My younger sister was always keen to go out but I dreaded it, and being the eldest I was expected to take her, and then our other sister, knocking on neighbours doors. I’d let them go to the door while I lagged behind. I wasn’t bothered about filling my bag with treats.
Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s there were also very few givers of sweets. Plastic carrier bags came home full of apples, oranges and monkey nuts, something I’ve come to detest. If you got anything else in your carrier bag you were very lucky. The only redeeming thing about Halloween in my younger days was the effort my mum made to make bags of popcorn to give out alongside the fruit. The kids on our street loved her for it and so did we, even if she did make us help with the umpteen pots of popped kernels and then the laborious bagging of said popcorn.
I can be painfully shy at times and although my confidence has grown a bit as I get older, my shyness hasn’t completely left me. Take the time my sister-in-law held a Halloween party in her new house with her hubby to be. My hubby and I had only been seeing each other for almost a year and we went to enjoy ourselves and stay over. But it was fancy dress so I did the boring thing of fishing out my secondary school tie and jumper and teamed it with jeans and a white shirt. I brought a sparkly top with me and once everyone had arrived, and had a few drinks so that they no longer cared about the fancy dress aspect of the party, I promptly changed. I couldn’t stay in it all night. I just felt uncomfortable and very self-conscious.
My son is a few months off turning 3 and so far he has only had to dress up for the Halloween party in nursery or events they hold. Last year he went as a furry vampire, courtesy of a work colleague buying him a costume in Asda. For World Book Day I sent him in as Curious George and for the Children in Need day he went as a pirate as part of their pirates and princesses theme, all shop or Amazon bought costumes. A crafty mum I ain’t in terms of a sewing machine or needle and thread! But I was glad he was in that sort of a setting and too young to want to go around the houses last year.
However, I dread to think how we’ll manage if my hubby is ever away with work on the 31st  of October in the future. I will most likely take our son out if he really wants to go but will be the shy parent sending him up the driveway while I hide behind the cars, hoping and praying those answering the doors don’t call out for me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over this dread of Halloween, I hope I do for my son’s sake. In the meantime I’ll get my hubby to take him out when he asks to go trick or treating in the future!

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Do you like dressing up? Do you love Halloween or hate it?



  1. We are not big fans of it either. My husband detests it to the point where he is miserable for the week before it! My littlest is scared of all things Halloween too so it becomes very stressful here.

  2. When mine were little it wasn't such a big thing but my childminder loved it and took all the children trick and treating. When we moved to our present house the little ones went around together and my daughter loved it. She was older and would take them around with her. I do dress up the house and welcome the trick or treaters and yes it is all sweets because thats the easiest thing to do. We are lucky though as it is usually small children and all over by 7.30

  3. I think the hype of Halloween is pretty rubbish and too many people ruin it. LIke the people who go around egging houses. Lots of people also see it as the perfect excuse to drink. It's just a money making scam, if you ask me. Though, Disneyland Paris have a fantastic Halloween celebration. It celebrates the Disney villains you love to hate and it's very exciting and thrilling. What I do like about Halloween is having a bag of sweets and watching things like 'The Haunted Mansion' and 'Nightmare Before Christmas' (can you tell I'm a Disney fan?) and once it ends, you know Christmas is well and truly on its way!

  4. I wish we celebrated Halloween as they do in America, it is such a fun event x

  5. When I was younger I was never a huge fan of trick or treating for all the same reasons. My kids will go out tonight though, but I will only take them to houses of friends and people we know. x

  6. Aw that's such a shame, but I completely understand. I grew up in rural Canada where Halloween was such a big fantastic thing and I miss it.

  7. I'm not sure we get Halloween quite right in the UK. In the states it's huge, huge, whole streets decorated, whole families trick or treating, people really go to town. In France where we live now, it's isn't that big of a deal, but it's growing in popularity.

  8. I was never a big fan but I have 4 children who love it. I have been out with them for around 14 years in a row. This is the first year we have stayed at home, yeah !! Mine are all to old for Halloween-ing now. We all had fun dressing up and eating party food, cakes and sweets though, kind of got grow to love the fun over the years :)

  9. I love Halloween and have fond memories of trick or treating as a child and collecting for a local hospice........sadly these days its all about the sweets, but lots of fun nonetheless

  10. Not a fan at all Catherine. It's a bit of a non event where I grew up so I don't really understand it. I'd prefer spending my energies getting ready for Xmas. Now Christmas I love!! Kat xx

  11. I hate monkey nuts too - yuk! Didn't see many of them around this year. I do like dressing up, but only if I've the time and money to think about a really cool outfit. Because I'm expecting this year, there was no such fun, but maybe next year!

  12. I like dressing up for Halloween but I don't like the trick or treating, knocking on strangers houses x


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