Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Driving Experiences

It seems almost an age ago now when I passed my driving test. So far I have been very fortunate to have never been in a serious crash although I have had a few incidences. 

I was driving through a supermarket carpark once and i'd stopped at the end of one section of the car park to turn into the road and a parked car literally just reversed into me. Not intent on reversing into the side of my car she just kept going. I had to get out of the car for her to even realise what she was doing. She clearly wasn't looking in the mirror. I even had my baby in the car so as you can imagination there was lots of crying and commotion. Thankfully no one was hurt.

The area I live in has lots of narrow lanes, hills and mountains. These are bad enough to drive on at the best of times but are particularly dangerous during certain weather conditions. I hate driving during heavy rain but the worst weather to use the roads and lanes on has to be during sleet and snow. 

I had to abandon my car on a main road once which was about 15 minutes away from my house during a heavy snow period, just so I could use to get to work the following day.

Not too far from my house is beautiful countryside. As lovely as the scenery is those drives can also be very dangerous. People seem to speed on these roads. There are lots of bends and blind corners, so as you can imagine there are quite a few car accidents.

I also think it's horrendous to drive through our city centre during peak hours. The sheer amount of traffic causes chaos and there are lots of impatient drivers around.

With so many dangers and hazards on the roads it's important to get good car insurance. However, these days it can be very pricey. It's particularly costly for young people. When I passed my test many moons ago I then completed the pass plus programme which enabled me to get the cheapest car insurance at the time. If you are looking for some for yourself, have a look at the link.

Do you have any dangerous drives near you? Have you had any bad driving experiences?

**This is a collaborative post**



  1. Driving should be a pleasurable experience but often circumstances beyond our control can ramp up the stress. Its important to have the right insurance for your needs. Its about time that insurance was tailored to the individual. Well done for pointing to Chilli

  2. We have small narrow lanes that really scare me! And in the tourist season, you'll find loads of what my husband calls "weekend drivers" who seem to let's just say don't know much about driving ;)

  3. Oh we have so many narrow lanes, it can be so dangerous sometimes. We also live in a very busy tourist town and so many people walk so slowly in the middle of the road. x

  4. I don't driver far and always to the same places so I know the routes like the back of my hand, but I always feel a little nervous about driving to new places x

  5. I really dislike driving. When I had a hire car in New Zealand, like you, someone just reversed straight into the side of the car without looking. Luckily our insurance covered and damage and nobody was hurt.
    Regardless, I do not like driving.


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