Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Deciding which Disney park to choose for our holiday

If you know us then you will know we are a Disney mad family. My obsession started when I was a little girl, watching the movies constantly and wishing I could be princess Jasmine (my favourite). Luckily for me, hubby was also a sucker for Disney. It was inevitable that our children were going to grow up as Disney lovers.

Hubby and I have each been to Disneyworld in Florida but a very long time ago when we were kids. Together we have been to Disneyland Paris and we have also taken our girls there.

We have decided that our 2017 family holiday is going to be a Disney one. The only thing we couldn't decide on was, which place to go to. There is either Florida, Paris, Tokyo, California, Hong Kong or Shanghai. We found an infographic by My Voucher Codes which has lots of interesting facts about each park. You can read the full article here, Which Disney Park is the one for you?.

Neither of us fancied any of the ones in Asia. I think it's because we wanted something big and they seem to be smaller than the others.

We have been to Disneyland Paris about 4 times now so we thought we'd give that a miss next year. I did love reading the fact about the Aerosmith ride featured on the infographic as that's my favourite ride there. I had no idea that Aerosmith re-recorded all the vocals and guitar riffs just for the ride.

So it was between California and Florida. The California resort is smaller than the Florida one. Can you believe it was the first one to be built? 

After reading up, we made a choice and it has to be Florida. If we're going to spend 2 weeks away with Mickey Mouse and friends then this was the best place to go. It has the most amount of theme parks and water parks. With 343 restaurants, 27 hotels and 144 attractions, we will be entertained the entire time.

Watch this space for more details of our upcoming holiday. 

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  1. I've heard of the Aerosmith ride from my friend, said it was fantastic. I'd love to go to Disney land Paris or florida, maybe both at some point. Hopefully after out trip to Canada I'll take the little one. I think the florida one is a good choice, spending two weeks there sounds fab!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  2. We've been to the one in Paris and I've been to the one in HK. Would love to be able to go to Dinsey in either California or Florida too, especially since we have family based in the States. Will have to start saving up for that trip! ;)

  3. Wow! I can only imagine the amount of fun you guys will have. I won't say I'm jealous (OK, maybe a little 😜) but have fun you guys! 😊

  4. What a great tool the infograph is. Its full of the information needed to make a choice and very easy to read. Great help

  5. Oh how exciting! I would love to take the kiddies to Disney Florida, perhaps one day when they are a little older to appreciate it :) Have a fun time!

  6. How exciting. you clearly are Disney fans. I've been to Paris as a kid and Tokyo as an adult. Both equally good. I'd love to go to the US ones though. 😀

  7. Wow you really are Disney mad! And two weeks with Mickey and his mates that's pretty awesome! Can't wait to see the pix!

  8. How exciting, I think we are going to look at going to the Paris one in a couple of years x

  9. We love Disney too. Heard fab things about the park in Florida but never been there.

  10. I've been to the one in California and definitely recommend it. It has different rides there too and is great for meeting really hard to find characters. You can meet Goofy's son Max in Disneyland. He rarely comes out in Florida. I had been wanting to meet Max for years.

  11. So jealous! We are dying to take our little boy to Disneyland because he adores all things Disney just like me. I went to the FLorida one when I was a child and it was amazing. Have a great time

  12. Oh wow how exciting!! I went to the Florida one when I was a child with my parents and it was the most amazing holiday as a child I ever had!! We plan to go to Disney Paris soon. Can't wait to read about your trip

    Laura x


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