Friday, 19 February 2016

My Perfect Holiday

My perfect holiday starts with my family and me,

Checklists,  shopping,  packing,
Oh what chaos it can be.

Nappies, swimwear, lotion and not a book in site,

I wouldn't change it for the world,
Whereas others might.

We have to fly to our destination, 

Eva is as happy as can be,
Who will she sit by?
Will it be Daddy, Ophelia or me?

Our destination is beautiful,
Such a pretty, pretty sight,
A week staying here,
Sounds just about right.

We spot lots of colours,

from the sun shining bright,
We sit on the balcony,
And wave the sun a good night.

As a new day dawns,
We spend it at the beach, 
Sun, sea, sand,
The perfect day is within reach.

All week long,

We jump in and out of the pool,
Mummy enjoys 10 minutes on a lilo,
That's the unforbbiden rule.

We laugh, we sing,

We embrace one another,
We eat all the food,
That the locals have to offer,

Sometimes it's loud, 

Sometimes there are tears,
For mummy there is wine, 
For daddy there is beers.

To me this is perfect,

I'm sure you can see,
Any destination is just right,
With my family and me.

This is my entry for the fab photography category in the competition to become a Mark Warner Holidays blogging ambassador #MarkWarnerMum 



  1. Wow what stunning photographs. They are beautiful and also simplistic. You look like you know how to get the most out of a trip abroad

  2. I love this! Your holiday photos look picturesque as well. The scenery shots are really beautiful. x

  3. Aww I love the way you've written this! Such an original post. You have me pining for the summer now xx

  4. Brilliant photos and lovely poem. Best of luck! x

  5. Such a beautiful poem, it really captures what holidays with children are like. The photos are beautiful too, good luck with the comp! xx

  6. Georgous photos our ideal holiday is somewhere warm with loads to see and do

  7. What beautiful photos. Good luck1

  8. aw good luck hun and some amazing pictures and a great holiday in mind for sure

  9. Awww good luck with your entry! Such a lovely poem and pictures too! As long as we have our family, holidays are perfect! x :)

  10. So beautiful to read. Gorgeous photos too!

  11. Does sound like the most perfect holiday! Love the photos and the rhyme :) x

  12. What a cute poem and some gorgeous photos too :) Good luck with your entry, there are some fab posts for this programme, including yours! I entered too but ha ha am not too hopeful :D

  13. What lovely pics! Good luck, I've entered too so hopefully we both get picked!xx

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  15. Superb images and words! You have made me want to go away on holiday!! :)

  16. Gorgeous gorgeous. Especially like the lily pond. Lots of luck. It's a great opportunity.

  17. Gorgeous photos hun as usual! When do you find out whether you have made the cut and what happens if you become an ambassador?

  18. Oh gosh, these photos have me longing for a holiday.

    Wishing you and your family lots of luck for the MW comp!! Everything crossed for you.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  19. Aw how lovely and such gorgeous pictures - lots of luck with the competition!

  20. Love all the pictures although the one with the heart on th beach is definitely my favourite :) may try that myself this year. Good luck with the competition x

  21. Aww that was a lovely poem! good luck

  22. Gorgeous photos!! Away to add you to blog lovin so I can see more pics!

  23. Lovely photography and good luck.

  24. Love this! Fab little poem and lovely photos too. Good luck with your entry, it would be a total honour to win wouldn't it x

  25. I adore this poem. Your photos are so, so beautiful. I particularly love the ones of the hands. Good luck with your entry! xx

  26. Awww what gorgeous photos I love the heart/hands one! It's simple and so lovely. Good luck!!

  27. oh thats so lovely and the photos illustrate it so well. best of luck x

  28. roll on the summer and the holidays - good luck x

  29. What a lovely post and such wonderful photos. Good luck!

  30. Lovely post and such gorgeous photos - good luck with the competition! Kaz x

  31. Such a beautiful post, the pictures are gorgeous too! Good luck! x

  32. Such a lovely little poem. Good luck with your application :)

    Laura x

  33. Looks like you had a great time, the pictures look fab. For me great weather makes a fantastic holiday x


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