Friday, 6 November 2015

Pregnancy Care & Wellbeing Kit by Indigo Herbs

I was recently sent a lovely pregnancy gift to review from Indigo Herbs. They are a company that aim to supply the finest natural heath products to help you on the path to happy, healthy wellbeing. Their website contains many different products ranging from aromatherapy to whole foods.

There are a few different gift sets to choose from on their website. The chocolate making one was a huge hit with a friend of mine and also the herbal tea one.

I was sent the pregnancy care and wellbeing gift set to try out. It's suitable for use during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. It contains raspberry leaf tea, a tea infuser, massage oil and a pregnancy oil. 

I have never tried raspberry leaf tea before but I had heard about it's benefits in pregnancy as it has a high content of vitamins and minerals. It's also thought to tone the muscles in your uterus! I actually like the taste of it. I didn't think I would. I leave it to brew in a pot for 5 - 15 minutes and then enjoy it. The tea infuser that comes in the gift set is also an adorable touch. 

By far my favourite product in the gift set is the pregnancy care essential oil. It has so many uses such as burning in a diffuser, popping some in the bath, inhaling it with a steamer and using it directly on the skin when mixed with a cream. I have mainly been using it in my bath. I love having a bath during pregnancy so i've been adding a few drops of the oil to the water when i've been going in. It smells amazing and it always makes me very relaxed. It has an almost spa scent to it. If I close my eyes I feel like i'm somewhere else. I also love the fact that the smell seems to last on your skin too which allows me to stay relaxed all night.

The pregnancy care massage oil is also lovely. I'm not normally a fan of oils as I hate the texture. However, oils are the best way to keep your bump smooth and supple and help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You just need to apply a small amount to your palm and the rub it on your belly. The scent is equally as nice as the other oil. 

Overall, i'm really happy with the gift set. It certainly has helped me relax in the bath. I think it would make a lovely gift for a pregnant woman to enjoy as it's so important to try and stay calm and relaxed during pregnancy.  It's always nice to give a pregnant woman something for her to enjoy and to feel like she's getting a bit of a pampering. 



  1. When I was young I was taught that raspberry leaf tea helped bring on labour so should be used at the end of pregnancy, 36/37 weeks on, definitely not 2nd trimester but that was a long time ago. I loved bathing when I was pregnant and I always used oil and I didn't get any stretch marks, it may have been just luck but I wasn't going to chance it!

  2. Oh this kit sounds wonderful - wish I had known about it when I was pregnant. I did use Raspberry leaf tea though near the end of the pregnancy to try and kick start things :)

    Laura x

  3. Sounds like a lovely kit. The essential oil in particular sounds great x

  4. An excellent and practicul solution. Well thought out

  5. This is so lovely, I'm glad you had the relaxation you deserve xxxx


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