Sunday, 8 November 2015

A review of GRRRRR by Rob Biddulph

We were lucky enough to receive the second book written by Rob Biddulph to review entitled 'GRRRRR'. His first book 'blown away' was a bestseller and won the children's book prize at Waterstones. By day he is the art director at Observer magazine and his inspiration for his books has come from making up stories to read to his three children.

The story is about a bear named Fred. Every year the forest holds a contest for all the bears that live there and Fred has won for the last three times. He's brilliant at everything but is best known for his very loud GRRRRR! A new bear called Boris has moved into the forest and he starts sneaking around at Fred's house at night. On the day of the contest Fred has lost his GRRRRR. The other animals of the forest rally around to help him find it and in doing so help teach Fred a valuable lesson about friendship.

The book is written in rhyme which is of course a favourite for children to hear. Rhyming always seems to keep children captivated and Eva was definitely engrossed in this story. She loved to hear me make the sound GRRRR and she now joins in whenever that part of the story appears. The words and names in the story are easy for young children to understand and connect with.

The illustrations are gorgeous. The first page is bursting with beautiful autumn colours so is perfect for story telling at this time of year. Fred isn't a scary looking bear and neither is naughty Boris. 

Overall, we both love this book. Every time I read it to Eva, I am finding something new which is what makes the book so great. I love the hidden meaning's of friendship and honesty that are the focal points of the story. You can view it here on amazon, GRRRRR. We've not read Rob Biddulph's first book but I will have to buy it now after enjoying this one so much.

Have you read any of Rob Biddulph's books?


  1. I've just bought 6 books, looks like another one to get! I haven't read his other book either but this looks lovely.


  2. This sounds like a great fun book, I'm loving the illustrations.
    I'm not really up to date with the kid's authors but am sure that I will be soon!

  3. I have to say - gorgeous illustrations! Rhyming books are so much fun, look at The Gruffalo, for example.

  4. This looks like a good book. I've never heard of it before x

  5. Well written and thought out for the target audience. Great book


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