Monday, 12 October 2015

We're a friend of Sylvanian Families

I'm so excited to announce that we have become a friend of Sylvanian Families. I'm not sure who is more pleased about it, myself or Eva. 

If there is one toy that reminds me of my childhood then it's Sylvanian Families. I have literally grown up with them. They have celebrated their big 30th birthday this year and so have I. So you could say they have been a part of my life, my whole life. 

I always remember when I was younger there was the most wonderful toy shop called beaties in our city. Thinking back now it really wasn't that big compared to the likes of toys r us etc but to everyone it was perfect. It was opposite a castle and directly where you got off the bus. An ideal position. It was always the first place I'd go when we went shopping and I got every one of my Sylvanian Families collection from there. I would spend ages looking at them all and deciding which ones to add to my collection. 

I think that the fact that Sylvanian Families are traditional and have stood the test of time shows just how fantastic they are. They haven't changed at all. They haven't had to be modernised to fit into our changing world and technology hasn't managed to shove them out. Children still love to play with them and collect them. 

I've been waiting for Eva to be at the right age to start introducing her to these wonderful toys and allowing her to start her own collection. She will be 3 in early January so I think she is now ready. When I watch her play, she now uses various toys in interactive and roll play and likes to give them names etc. I couldn't wait for our Sylvanian Families goodies to arrive to show her.

As a friend of Sylvanian Families, we will get a first look at new products, hear all the latest news and updates and of course get some exclusive goodies. 

We were sent a gorgeous initial pack to welcome us to the family. It included colouring books, stickers, playing cards, catalogues and more. We were also sent a some figures which was a great way to start off Eva's collection. We received a milk rabbit baby and a friesian cow family. It's perfect time to receive the milk rabbit baby as we are expecting baby number 2 in 4 weeks time so we are trying to get Eva involved in babies as much as possible. She's loved playing with the rabbit. She pretends to feed him with the bottle and rocks him in the crib. She loves her cow family too. For now she is just playing with them around our house and in the garden as she doesn't have any houses or vehicles yet but hopefully santa will bring her some.

I'm looking forward to sharing lots of more posts with you about sylvanian families so please keep an eye out for them.

Did you play with them when you were younger? Does your child play with them now?



  1. I think these toys are very cute. They weren't around when I was younger :)

  2. I agree with Mel, theyre very cute. My girls would love them x

  3. I loved sylvanian families as a child too, their so cute and I'm enjoying sharing them with Erin now x

  4. They are as cute as they were 30 years ago :)

  5. My cousin had a beautiful house and loads of the figurines and we'd spend hours playing with them. I'd have loved my own but it was special to share with her xx

  6. I remember Beatties, a great shop, we bought lots of toys from there, trains and models. Can't believe Sylvanian families are 30!

  7. I never had Sylvanian Families growing up, I guess they weren't a popular thing when I was the age for them. I love that Eva is now playing with what was one of your favourite toys, so cute!

  8. Aww, this is perfect timing for me as my daughter has just discovered Sylvanian Families. I never had them growing up and was always jealous of my friends who did. Lovely x

  9. I never had them but a friend of mine had loads and in the summer we'd set up their homes in her mum's flower beds.... It was brilliant! We played with them for hours! Think Joni will love them when she's a bit older xxxx


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