Friday, 9 October 2015

New gifts from Snapfish

I was asked if I would like to review some of the new photo gifts that are available to create from Snapfish. I thought it would be ideal to try some out to see what they would be like for upcoming birthday and christmas presents. I reviewed travel mugs and a phone case.

First up are the flasks. Ironically I'd misplaced my flask so it was perfect timing to create one for myself. As a family we take lots of long walks and trips so a flask is always handy. I created one for myself and one for my husband. As we have another baby due very soon, I thought it would be nice for the focus of these travel mugs to be my favourite pictures of me and my daughter on mine and hubby and are daughter on his.

The travel mugs are easily created. You can add up to 15 pictures on them and you can also change the border colour around the pictures. I chose to put 15 on each flask as I had so many favourites.

The travel mugs are a really good size. It looks good and is very unique compared to others. I was slightly dissapointed with some of the pictures as they weren't very clear but then that's because I put the maximum number of pictures on them, so some were quite small in size. The flask itself is fab. The drinks stay hot for a long time. I started drinking my tea an hour after I filled it and it was still a hot temperature. It's also not too hot to hold the flask on the outside. Overall I'm really happy with them and will definetley order them as presents for other people. I'll just put less pictures on them next time.

The next thing I created was a samsung phone case. Again I wanted to remember family life as the 3 of us so I chose a recent picture of us to put on there. It was easy to create and took seconds to complete.

The case arrived and it looks lovely. It has a satin finish and is very lightweight. The case is plastic which I wasn't sure whether I liked at first as my last case was quite sturdy and felt firmer to hold. However, the plastic is designed to not interfere with touch less card payments. I guess this a sign of where technology is going. If you make payments with your phone this case is perfect.The case shouldn't chip easily so is great for everyday wear and tear. 

Make sure you check out the snapfish website as there are plenty of great gifts on there which will be ideal for christmas stocking fillers etc.


  1. The Iphone case is lovely. I didn't know Snapfish did personalised gifts like this!

  2. These are fab. I love personalised photo gifts. The travel mugs are lovely. x

  3. Love the phone case, I had a photo one from a similar website but the quality was quite poor so it's good to see one that's good quality x

  4. I've never seen the personalised travel mugs before, what a great idea! It is a shame that all the photos weren't great quality but still, they look fab!

  5. I ordered a photo book from them, it is lovely. Much better than I expected and a great way to save some of those digital photos that just sit on a computer or phone.


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