Monday, 26 October 2015

Alternative toddler halloween treats

I'm not sure at what point it was in time this happened but halloween now seems to be a very big deal. I don't ever remember this much of an effort being made every year when I was younger but as the years go on, I think we are becoming more like America. All that's left to do as a parent is just embrace the festivities. 

If you're not a fan of giving your little ones lots of chocolate and sweet treats, then take a look at this selection of alternative gift ideas that i've put together. This is in no means a post I have been asked to write, it's more about things that have caught my eye.

1) This is the Peppa Pig dress from Tesco. We've actually already got this for Eva. She is a huge fan of Peppa Pig and I like the fact that the outfit is less scary looking and completely harmless. It could be teamed with some funky halloween tights and hat and broom. It also glows in the dark which is great. Eva loves the dress! View it here, Dress, and also check out all the other Peppa Pig halloween clothing range they have.

2) Hobbycraft have some fantastic crafts available for all ages. These are some paper mache letters which can be painted and decorated. You could perhaps pop together a halloween themed craft tub/basket and enjoy creating with your toddler together. Paper Mache letters. I think this is a fab alternative to sweets and chocolates as it actually keeps them entertained too!

3) These leggings are from Tesco and I think they are pretty much unisex. I am really impressed with the range of themed clothing they have available this year. There are plenty of other options online and in store. Ghost Print leggings

4) As we are a friend of Sylvanian Families, I had to share this with you. It's the gorgeous halloween set featuring two cute characters. This really is a great gift for keeping the 'scary' aspect out of halloween, so it's ideal for toddlers. You can get it on amazon, Sylvanian Families halloween set

5) Finally, is yet another pick from Peppa Pig. It was a new book released last month and is a must for any little Peppa Pig fan. The reviews on amazon are glowing, Book. Alternatively, any halloween themed book would make a lovely gift for a toddler. There are so many available.

What are you doing with your children this halloween?


  1. My little girl would love all of these! Especially the Sylvanian Family set! We always go crazy for Halloween and we are having a small party :) love your idea to keep it sugar free :) xx

  2. Lots of really good ideas, I wish there were affordable treats that we could give out to trick or treaters that are sugar free.

  3. Love the dress, great Halloween ideas x

  4. Had to click through to see where the dress was from. Will have a look in tesco as Amelia might actually wear that one!! X

  5. Great ideas - I hope you are having a great Halloween! Kaz x

  6. Love these ideas. they would be great for Halloween baskets. Wish I had done one this year! Amelia loves that book :) xx


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