Sunday, 6 September 2015

#SugarRush in Mothercare

According to my twitter account there were lots of people watching Jamie Oliver ' s show about sugar on Friday night. I can't speak for everyone but I did learn a lot. I was shocked by how many children's teeth are pulled out each year and by the number of leg amputations needed from diabetes.

There was a particlar part of the show where Jamie was taking on the supermarkets for having sweets and chocolates along side the till. He focused on the fact that most of it is at children's eye levels to draw them in to wanting the sweets. If you've had a child then you will have been in a battle with them at some point in your life due to this.

Shopping with children is stressful enough without having a battle just as you've almost finished, over whether they can have what is on display at the till. Many a time we have had a temper tantrum whereby Eva has put things into the trolley or basket and then I've taken them out.  She then starts screaming the place down and causing unnecessary stress for everyone around us and especially me.

Some supermarkets are changing what they display at the tills because of Jamies campaign. Tesco have removed sweets and chocolate but have replaced them with crisps and drinks. Not ideal but an improvement.

So as you can imagine I was absolutely mortified to find myself having this particlar shopping battle in a well known children's shop....Morhercare. I was shopping there with Eva to buy new clothes. We'd had a pretty good experience until we got into the queue. All along the barrier at her eye level, so we're talking the height of children between 2-5, were lots of shiny, pretty chocolates. Not just any chocolates, the type that really sucks Eva in, character chocolates. Once again it was like world war 3 had started when I tried to get the frozen and peppa pig chocolate lollies out of her hands. We had tantrums and hysterical crying. I even dropped all of my shopping on the floor at one point (an extreme annoyance whilst 30 weeks pregnant). We were then called to the next available cashier who I could barely here due to Eva's protests. All of a sudden she decided to quieten down. Finally, I thought, only to realise she was then taking the SWEETS from directly next to the till!!!!!!!!

I was honestly so enraged. Where on earth do mothercare think it's ok to sell stuff like this. I was furious. It's not even a shop that sells food such as a supermarket. It's a children's shop!!! At least the likes of Tesco and Marks and Spencer actually sell food. Who on earth do mothercare think they are. Placing chocolates at young children's eye level is totally immoral. They pride themselves on supporting parents! Well they certainly need to rethink that statement.

What shocked me even more is that Jools Oliver (Jamie Oliver's wife for those that don't know) exclusively sells her children's clothing range there. I would've thought Jamie would have tackled mothercare about this issue for that exact reason.
I really hope Mothercare change this problem and any other shop that is causing hassle and stress for us.

Does this issue bother you? Did you realise they did it in Mothercare? Have you noticed any other shops (that aren't supermarket's) doing the same thing?
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  1. Never seen them at my mothercare. It's all books and baby wipes at ours? X

  2. I hope Mothercare change it too, with the obesity problems in this country you would think there would actually be something n place preventing shops doing this!
    I missed Jamie's programme, wish I'd seen it now as it sounds interesting.

  3. I noticed this a while ago in mothercare! It's so annoying, I completely agree with you it's inappropriate and they should stop doing it.

  4. Baby Girl is only a year old so I don't really notice these things yet and luckily I don't have to worry about it. That's so cheeky of A store like Mothercare. Sounds like an awful experience you poor thing x

  5. Oh i have to say, I don't think I've seen chocolates at our local Mothercare, but it is very annoying when shops do. Especially when thy don't sell foodstuff! Kaz x

  6. They definitely had chocolate and sweets at the Culverhouse Cross Mothercare. I was forever having to say no to Caitlin and Ieuan. I can't see any business reason for stocking them.

  7. All shops are devious when it comes to small children

  8. That's terrible! I can't believe they put chocolates right next to the toll in a mother and baby shop. Having said that, our nearest Mothercare doesn't have toilets or even baby changing facilities. Not good!
    Alana x

  9. Oh dear, I can totally see your point of view. It's the same with birthday party bags when parents put lollies and sweets in - does my head in! My girls don't eat sweets and then I have to take out what they can't have from the bags which doesn't leave much! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  10. It is a major annoyance... My little tea leaf just quietly grabs one and starts eating it (including biting through the foil wrapper on those Peppa Pig choc lollies) so I have no choice but to buy it for her... I was surprised that Mothercare does it :( Tesco apparently has stopped doing it?

  11. Great post really interesting read you have a very valid point thanks for linking to the binkylinky


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