Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Pop Goes Your Name personalised cd review

We were recently asked to review a personalised pop song cd for Eva from Pop Goes Your Name. She loves listening to music or stories in the car so I jumped at the chance of having something new to keep her entertained.

Pop goes your name is a family business run by 2 parents who are also musicians. They started by singing songs to their first born child and the business developed and grew from there. They now have a cd which can be personalised to over 800 names. 

I must admit I didn't have high expectations for this as most of the time children's music is nursery rhyme based and a bit drab to say the least. When the cd arrived, both myself and Eva loved the cover. It's bright and eye catching. Eva wanted it on straight away. 

There are 12 songs on the album and they are all very different, ranging from songs about animals to bedtime and many more. Once the album started Eva was instantly hooked. As soon as she heard her name she was delighted. She loves the fact that all the songs are about her and she thinks it's really special. Her particular favourites are 'come out to play' and 'rock it out'. 

This cd stands out from others not only because it's personalised to your child's name but by the music itself. It is what it says, a pop cd. The songs are actual pop songs and I think that's what makes it so appealing. I think the children feel like they are listening to real, adult style music. The songs are very catchy with easy lyrics to sing a long too. I must admit, like Eva, I now know all the words to every song.

I can't praise this cd enough. Even the hubby likes it and that really is a testament to how good it is. It has been enjoyed by all of us especially Eva. I can't recommend it more. Eva likes to listen to normal pop music but as we know the lyrics in a lot of pop songs on the radio (take anything by Rihanna for example) can be rude and trashy so I love the fact that the cd is safe for Eva to listen and sing a long too. It would make a unique gift for your child or a friend. The cd is priced at £12.95 and is worth every penny. Have a browse at their website for more information, Pop goes your name.

Does your child like to listen to music in the car?



  1. Aw this looks lovely and like it would make a perfect gift! What age range would you say it is suitable from and to? I really love this! x

  2. Fabulous review of a great product

  3. Oh this sounds fab. What a great idea and lovely that it's pop music, rather than simple nursery rhymes. Like you say, a lot of pop lyrics mean there's no way you could let your kids listen to them! Glad to hear Eva enjoyed it so much x

  4. Aww, we love music and personalised gifts. This looks fab! Great to know suitable for kids too (I admit a lot of music that we listen to in the car isn't always) x

  5. I love that it's pop rather than jazzed up nursery rhymes. Sounds like something we need on our Christmas list! Xx


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