Friday, 25 September 2015

Molly Maybe's Monsters Book Review

We were recently sent a new picture book by Kristina Stephenson called 'Molly Maybe's Monsters: The Dappity Doofer to review' which is suitable for age 3 plus. You can buy it here from amazon, Book. Eva is currently 32 months old so not far from that age range. It's the first book in a new picture book series.

The book is about a young girl called Molly Maybe and her canine friend Waggy Burns. Nothing much happens in her small, quiet town, but Molly has an exciting secret. She has a trap door in the floor of her treehouse which can transport her to a magical monster world called Undermunder. In this story the monsters are searching for their mascot and Molly and Waggy think they may be able to help.

Eva was instantly drawn to the cover of the book. She has a dog of her own so she immediately mentioned the dog and also liked the shininess of the cover. She enjoyed the illustrations on each page. They are big, vibrant and easy to view for little readers. There are lots of different compelling characters to hear about. However, Eva just couldn't seem to listen to the story. I think there are quite a lot of 'big' words in the book for a 3 year old and I think this was confusing her slightly. She definitely struggled to keep up with the story. Even though the names of things are very imaginative she couldn't understand the concept of the underworld called undermunder etc. She did love looking at the book and as previously mentioned she was fascinated with the dog Waggy Burns. She was more than happy to discuss the dog's own adventures on each page. He's clearly her favourite character in the book.

As a parent I think the book is great for little readers who are older than Eva's age. She is slightly younger than 3 so maybe that age gap makes all the difference. At this age the words were just a bit too much for Eva to understand.
I think it's wonderful to see a girl as the main character in a monster book. Girl's need a tough character to look up to who is strong and brave and I think Kristina has achieved that in this book.
The illustrations are lovely and there are great aspects to the story with lots of problem solving and adventure.
It would make a good addition to any book shelf. We definitely still have it on ours, ready to revisit when Eva is a bit older.

Have you read any of Kristina Stephenson's books?


  1. Hopefully one for Eva to enjoy when she's a little bit older. I've never read any of her books but this sounds like a fun book with plenty to learn too. x

  2. This looks lovely and bright and I love the illustrations. Hopefully Eva will like it when she's a bit older x

  3. Suprrb sounding book that will captive any child. Its sounds like a must have item

  4. This looks like a beautiful book, so colourful and eye catching! Hopefully Eva will grow to love it.

  5. This looks like such a great book, very colourful x

  6. We loved this book too, so colourful and exciting. #readwithme x


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