Sunday, 16 August 2015

CaseApp personalised phone case review

If you know me or you've read my blog then you will know how much I love photos and best of photo gifts and personalisation. I am my own worst enemy with photos though as I take hundreds but yet never seem to print them out. However, I do make a lot of photo gifts and things for the home such as mugs, canvases etc.

Recently I was asked to create a custom phone case on the website CaseApp. I didn't think they would make any for my phone which is a samsung s5 as a lot of places don't seem to do this model. However, I was pleased to see that they do. They also make cases for iPhones, iPods, iMacs and macbook's. You can either choose premade cases which have designs on already, you can view some styles here, Premade or you can create your own. I chose to personalise my own.

There are lots of different options available when you create your own. You can have 1 photo or a collage. You can also write text on the photos or use some of the websites clipart pictures and quotes. I opted for a collage style and decided to focus on my family. My phone is something that I always have with me so if I am ever away from my family I can now look at my case and see all the gorgeous pictures and memories that go with them. I probably could have jazzed it up a bit more with quotes and text but I just wanted this case to be simply photos. 

The website itself is very easy to navigate. Everything is clearly labelled. Photo uploads were fairly quick and pain free. I used the website on my phone and still found it easy although i'm sure using it on a computer is even easier purely based on the screen being bigger. The custom phone case arrived after a few days.

I absolutely love the case. It's so pretty. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I used some pictures that were taken with my phone and as you know the quality isn't always as good as taking it with a camera. Luckily this did not show at all on the pictures on the case. They were all of equal standard. 
The case itself is very light. It has a very professional finish to it. The hubby (who is normally very fussy with stuff like this) was really impressed with the quality. We have ordered custom  phone cases in the past from other companies (some leading brands) and we haven't been impressed at all because the pictures chip and the quality feels cheap. In fact we had to send for a new cover twice from 1 particular brand as the case kept breaking. I don't think that will happen with this one as it seems to have a different finish on it which makes the quality seem better. 
The cost to make the case is £22. Whilst this seems a lot more expensive than other brands I think it's worth paying the extra as the quality is so much better. The quality far outweighs the cost. 

CaseApp have given me a discount code to share with you all, which will give you 20% off your order of a custom phone case. The code is NORRISCASE. Now may be a good time to get ordering in for some gifts for christmas. Yes I used the dreaded c word but it's coming!! 

Overall, I am very happy with my case. I will definitely be using them again to make more cases. I think it's nice to have a range of cases to choose from anyway. I will have to update my case when baby number 2 arrives later this year.

Have you ever bought a custom phone case? Let me know if you are going to order 1.



  1. The case is lovely. I'm going to have a look at CaseApp now x

  2. This looks awesome. It's great you can do a photo collage for your phone x

  3. Your case is so pretty! I've had a couple of personalised cases, some good some not so good! I'd be willing to pay for quality though! Xx

  4. Really good. I will be looking at getting something for mine

  5. So cute! I made one recently for Jackie x

  6. Love it! Will have to start saving my pennies hahaha x

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