Wednesday, 1 July 2015

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I recently entered a twitter competition by which was to share a picture of your pet for them to become pet of the week. Alfie was picked as a winner one week which meant I got to create a personalised sheet of wrapping paper from them. This was perfect timing seeing as father's day was right around the corner.

I love to send nice cards and try to make presents look as pretty as they can be. Photo paper is great at making presents more personalised, individual and eye catching.  I couldn't wait to create a sheet for the hubby.

There are a few options to choose from when you are on the website. You can have 1 photo or up to 30 photos on the paper. You can also pick between having a black, white or no border too. I chose 3 images which were taken on my phone. To make the process of adding images easier you can also connect to instagram or Facebook to add ones that are on those sites.

You can also choose between having 1 sheet which is £4.99, a small roll for £9.99 or a large roll for £14.99. I like the fact that you can order a roll as lets face it sometimes a sheet doesn't go that far when you are wrapping large or multiple presents.

I found using the website extremely easy and the photo uploads were very quick so the whole process didn't take very long at all.
The wrapping paper arrived within a couple of days so printing and delivery are very fast.

The paper itself was gorgeous. The pictures came out really well and the paper was thick with a soft, silky feel to it. I love thick paper so I was really happy with the quality of this one. There is nothing worse than having paper tear when you are wrapping presents. 
I was very disappointed though to see that one of the pictures had chopped Eva's head off. It didn't look like this when I had viewed the proof online so I was gutted to see that this was the case when it arrived. It was too late to sort this out in time for father's day but I am in the process of finding out what went wrong. 
Even with this small error Arwyn loved the paper. He thought it was something different and that it was a very nice touch. Eva also loved seeing herself on Daddy's present.

Have you ordered from before or had any gift wrap printed?

Kerry x

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