Sunday, 14 June 2015

What's in Eva's Trunki

I wrote this post before we went away on our long haul flight but decided to wait and post it until after we had flown so that I could tell you how we got on with what we packed. This post is about everything we packed inside Eva's Trunki to entertain her for her multiple airport trips and very long haul flights to Dubai and Australia. For more tips on how to entertain toddlers on long haul flights please visit a previous post I wrote, Travelling long haul with toddlers.

I'd long seen Trunki's in airports and always thought to myself when I have children I am buying one of those, they look great. I even remember the episode of Dragon's Den and thought about how cool they were. Well luckily my initial thoughts turned out to be true. Eva absolutely loves hers. It not only serves as a novel piece of hand luggage for your child but also as a fantastic way of getting them around airports etc. Eva spent most of the time riding it around and in fact the only times she wasn't on top of it was when she insisted on pulling it herself. This enabled us to check our buggy into the hold straight away which was one less thing to worry about. I was worried that they wouldn't fit much in them but I was wrong about that as you will see later on in the post. We were able to cram it with all of Eva's things that she wanted to pack. Eva has the cow version which you can view here, Frieda Cow but they have some amazing new release designs which I am in love with. I really want this one which was gifted to the new royal baby, Boris the Bus and also this cute cowboy themed one, Bronco. Perhaps i'll get one of these for bump when it arrives later on this year or maybe ask santa for another one for Eva. They also do a ride along toybox which I think would be ideal for staying over at other people's houses, camping, days out and local holidays. We definitely want one, Toybox.

We packed heaps of different things for Eva for the flight which was all new stuff that she hadn't played with before. I think this is key to keeping them interested and entertained in such a confined space.

One of her favourite things lately are stickers, so of course we packed a few sticker books. We were given a lovely one from Parragon Books for Eva to try which was '2000 princess stickers.' You can view it here, 2000 princess stickers. She thought it was fab and as the title suggests, it was full of lots of different types of stickers. The book is bright and colourful and there are plenty of pictures to place the stickers. Their website has a huge range so make sure you check them out. We will definitely be getting more from here in the future, Sticker books.

Colouring books and pencils:
We got Eva a new pencil case and new pencils along with a few colouring books. She loves Disney and Peppa Pig so we got most of the books from the range they have in, Smyths. Drawing doesn't seem to hold her attention for very long which was why we bought a few different books.

I love going into the store Tiger to get Eva's arts and crafts products. I find it such good value for money and they always have something unique in there. We bought an ink pad and stamps, foam and felt, different paper animal shapes and a great animal making kit. This kept her entertained for at least an hour. She loved being able to make the various animals and then enjoyed some imaginative play with them. I think anything you can pack that they can make is a great way to keep them entertained, just make sure it's small and lightweight.

We packed lots of little cars, lego and peppa pig miniatures. Again I think small is the key.

We bought a few new books but more interactive books such as 'hide and seek Peppa Pig', which you can buy here from Amazon and lift the flap books.

We had our iPad which was filled with games, movies and programmes for Eva. However, she used the tv that was on board. She also had her own tablet from On The Movies which she loves as she knows it is her own. There will be a full review coming up of that very soon. 

I hope this helps you with ideas of what to pack for your next flight and allows you to see how much you can actual fit into a Trunki. 
Have you got a Trunki? What else would you pack for entertainment for you little ones on flights?

Love Kerry x



  1. Oh gosh her little trunk is so cute! Great ideas on what to pack into it, thanks


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