Saturday, 31 January 2015

Review: Baby's Big Box of little books

One of my favourite things for us to review are books. Eva is so passionate about reading, so the more books we can get our hands on will only help fuel her need to read. 
We were sent the Baby's Big Box of little books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg to review. As soon as we opened the envelope it was an instant hit due to the fact that they were in their own special box. Eva rather likes to open things and then put things back in their place so this box of books is perfect for that as it almost doubles up as a shape sorter.

The sturdy box contains 9 little board books which are all about everything that should be familiar to your baby or toddler. The themes are family, baby, pets, games, inside, toys, mornings, night-times and outside. 
Eva is now 2 so as were were reading the books she was able to identify most of the pictures which she really enjoyed. The beautiful illustrations are simple but effective, so they are nice and easy for your child to enjoy and understand.
The books are a great size for little hands and the pages are easy to turn as they are thick. They can be easily carried around by your little one and they are also a good size for popping in your change bag when you're out and about. 

They are also a fab alternative to helping you teach your child about routine. For example during morning time we have read the morning book together and the same for the night time one.
You can purchase them from amazon uk for £7.99 from: Amazon and Waterstones.
To sum up they are perfect for children under the age of 3. They are fun, creative and educational.

Love Kerry and Eva xx

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