Thursday, 28 January 2016

A long goodbye

You may now have realised that I'm still in Australia but may not have realised that my husband isn't.

We made a decision that whilst I'm on maternity leave that I should try and make the most of not needing to be anywhere and enjoy time with my immediate family while I can. So with that in mind myself, Eva and Ophelia changed our flights to come home in the middle of March instead.

This wasn't a decision we came to lightly. In fact it took us ages. We weighed up pro's and cons for what seemed like days. The biggest con was that me and the girls wouldn't see him for just over 7 weeks. We didn't know whether it was a good idea for him to be away from us for so long when Ophelia is so young and Eva's behaviour isn't very good. We came to the conclusion that with the powers of our wonderful Internet, that skype and WhatsApp would make us feel that we weren't separated.

We knew that if I was at home I would be struggling to find things to do during the winter to keep Eva occupied whilst I was looking after Ophelia. I mean how many soft play centres can one person really be comfortable visiting in a week. They drive me insane. It was a no brainer really. Over here we can have beach days, play in the garden or swimming pool, go to outdoor parks etc!

We also knew that there is no way I would be able to fly back home with the 2 girls on my own. The only way around this was for hubby to fly back over here and bring them home with me. We decided that the only fair way to do this was for him to have another 2 week holiday when he gets here and we can all make up for lost time together.

Seeing him go was so hard. I thought I would be ok with it all as I was getting the better deal out of it but I was so upset. Watching him say goodbye to Eva and trying to get her to understand what was going on was heartbreaking.

I then had to drop him off at the train station. I've always seen couples at airports and train stations cuddling and saying goodbye but I've always looked at them and cringed. I've no idea why. It was only when I put myself in that position that you see how tender a moment it really is. We cuddled and it felt the world had stopped. I didn't hear or see anything else. Time stood still. I cried so much when I drove home which is so silly as I will obviously be seeing him again. I know this all sounds so corny but it's given me a new outlook on our marriage. You don't know what's there until it has gone. I know it's only 7 weeks but it feels like a lifetime.

I don't know how army wives do it. This is incredibly hard and especially having to keep telling Eva that her daddy isn't here.

They say absence makes the heart go fonder and that is so true.

Have you spent a long time separated as a family?


  1. Awww, emotional stuff! I had wondered if he was still out there with you. I bet it was so hard saying goodbye, but it's lovely you get to spend all that time with your family - not so easy when you're back at work. The weather here is awful - wet and cold - so lucky you being able to hang out in the sunshine! xx

  2. My husband works away 7 days at a time and I struggle with that so I applaud you for doing so for 7 weeks. Sounds like ultimately you made the right decision for both yourself and your girls though. ((hugs))

  3. Awww this is lovely, it's not corny. My parents live in Australia, I would love to have that opportunity to stay out there with them but my hubby needs me at home at the moment, it's wonderful that you can do it and what a wonderful opportunity of the kids. It's 7 weeks, it will fly by but like you say sometimes things like this make you really appreciate the marriage you have. Enjoy oz. I'm so jealous.

  4. What a fantastic man! He must hate it as much as you but he put his head over his heart too. Unfortunately 7 weeks will fly by and you will soon be back in cold, wet Wales! Enjoy your time with your family, being a Granny I bet your mum is over the moon :-)

  5. Oh that must be so hard. I hate it when my hubby goes away for a week. I hope you can enjoy your time over there x

  6. Ahh bless you, that must have been so hard, but it's a lovely opportunity for you and the girls to stay out there a bit longer.
    Before we got married, me and my husband spent a lot of time apart as I lived abroad for almost a year for my degree and then when he went back to uni and I was working we could only see each other at weekends ... That was hard enough, let alone seven weeks apart when you have children.
    Make the most of the lovely weather and all the outdoor activities while you can ... The time will fly by xx

  7. It's so difficult having to say goodbye and not see your other half for such a long time. It is difficult and I completely see your reasons for doing it. It'll go really quickly as your little ones will keep you distracted. The wonders of Skype/What's App :D

    Laura x


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