Monday, 21 December 2015

Problems facing the modern day Santa

It's only a few days until Santa makes his amazing trip around the world to deliver his presents. It got me wondering about how his experience in today's society may be different to when he did his job in decades past. 

First up let's talk about presents. Many years ago (and I mean a long time ago, not when I was a child) people were happy with token stocking fillers such as oranges and a few pieces of chocolate. These types of stocking fillers then changed to a Terry's chocolate Orange or any other chocolate gifts. In this day and age we're now expecting makeup, perfume, dvd's, video games and anything else expensive. The main gifts are also becoming more elaborate. Most lists contain bikes, scooters, game consoles or anything from the Apple store. 
This must make santa's job incredibly difficult in many ways. How on earth has be got the elf power to produce such elaborate things and in such a high volume? Then how does he get all these things in his sack? 

Secondly, let's discuss social media. Most people have at least one account on a social media platform, whether it be facebook, instagram, twitter etc. Santa has obviously had to jump onboard to keep updated with the latest news and trends. In fact, I follow him on twitter. Now the poor guy who needs to be as inconspicuous as possible, is ending up all over the world and now seems within easy access to people. There are endless photos of him on instagram, people tweet him their christmas lists etc. In the olden days when social media didn't exist, santa was untouchable. Now you can ask him anything. I imagine this causes him no end of problems. His twitter notification centre must be like an interrogation from the Spanish inquisition. 

I decided to search for modern day santa problems and came across a really funny blog post which is '5 reasons why santa's job is hard today'. You can read it here, Santa's job is hard today. I particularly enjoyed reading the first point about strict airline regulations. We all know about air traffic control and flying into airspace that you're not allowed to. I wonder how Santa gets around this problem. He clearly has friends in high places.

On that blog post I also found this hilarious infographic which you can view here, Elf and Safety.

I love the tips for making sure your house is safe for santa! One thing I think we should leave is a map at the front door to show him where all the various rooms in the house are. We live in a townhouse and our living room and kitchen are on the middle floor. I bet this causes all sorts of issues for Santa. He probably has a short timeframe in which he can spend in each house. Modern day townhouses all have completely different layouts. I bet he spends ages searching around for the correct rooms.

Have you got any tips for a modern day Santa?


  1. A great post. Santa today must be up on his technology too, I wonder if he does selfies on the way x

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  3. Great post. Santa is so visible nowadays. I've lost count of how many times my girls have seen him! x

  4. Fabulous post about Santa but of course Sabta is really Saint Nicholas so he has God to help him. You mentioned about friends in high places, well God is the highest help he could ask for.

  5. Santa is just magic, he can do it all in one night. He has flying reindeer and can get into houses without chimneys! When he gave oranges (yes I was one of those children) they were rare in winter. We had seasonal fruit so Father Christmas had to search the world for us. I don't think he'd have any problems with the modern world. Merry Christmas.

  6. great post. never thought about this before. The kids are always asking me how he get's down our chimney with a gas fire, I tell them he uses magic to make it open up so he can walk through

  7. This post really made me smile and I too have been thinking the same of late for poor old Santa - must be hard moving with these fast and crazy times and wow wish lists have become so expensive - I rather an orange and some chocolate than all these complications

    Laura x

  8. Lol. This post made me chuckle. I wonder if he takes a selfie in each house!

  9. He really does have to keep up with the times. I really hope he sticks with his eco friendly reindeer!

  10. Haha, coming to this a bit late, but it did make me laugh! The answer to anything we can't explain is magic! But yes, he is everywhere all over social media. Hope he's having a good rest now it's all over for another year! x


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