Friday, 2 October 2015

Insta natural stretch mark and scar cream

I was recently asked to review the Insta Natural Stretch Mark and Scar Cream which was kindly sent to be for free by Amazon. It seemed the ideal cream to try out whilst I was pregnant.

The cream costs £21.95 so is eligible for free super saver delivery  It's way more than I would normally spend on a cream. The size of the pot is 120ml which is fairly small. It contains cocoa butter, rosehip oil,  mango butter and vitamin c. These ingredients are designed to increase the elasticity of your skin and diminish the appearence of stretch marks and scars. You have to apply the cream to dry skin and run it in until it's completely absorbed. It suggests using it twice daily.

I've been using the cream now for just over 2 weeks but only once a day in the morning.  By the time I go to bed I'm too tired to even think about putting it on. You don't need a huge amount of the cream to create a good lather. This was something I was concerned about, as I was worried that the small pot wouldn't last very long but suprisingly it has. I still have more than half left. I've only been using it on my bump where I had a few small stretch marks from the aftermath of my previous pregnancy.

I really like the texture of the cream. Normally stretch mark treatments are oils which I can't stand the feel of. Even though there are oils in the ingredients of this cream it doesn't feel to greasy or slippery.

I can honestly say it is working and I didn't expect it too. My bump looks perfectly clear and my skin is firm and youthful. The small amount of stretch marks that I had are definetley lighter (almost not visible) and I certainly haven't gained any new ones since using the cream. Stupidly I should have taken some before and after pictures but I forgot. You'll have to take my word for it.

I am going to start using the cream on my thighs as I have developed a lot of stretch marks there. I'm very curious to see how well the cream works on that area as they are a lot more severe than the ones I had on my baby bump.

I would recommend this cream to anyone with stretch marks or anyone wanting to prevent them. I can't comment on whether it works on scars as I don't have any. I do find it an expensive cream and I will admit I wouldn't have paid for it myself without knowing it worked first. Now I know I am happy with the results of the cream I will definetley be buying it to tackle the rest of my problem areas when my pot runs out.

Have you used any of their creams before?


  1. This looks like a good product. At least its not greasy. I really hate creams that feel greasy x

  2. Looks like a good cream, great that it's not greasy x

  3. Not heard of them before but i am interested in anything that eliminates stretch marks thanks to yo-yo dieting my entire life AND 2 of whom i carried excess water if my stomach needed to be stretched any further! So this is of great interesting to me! *looks up on Amazon*

  4. Great to know that this works. I'm riddled with stretch marks so should probably invest!

  5. ooh, I may try this! My stretch marks are old, but if it still works it would be worth it x

  6. Oh, this is interesting. Never heard of it before, but great news it is working! I like the idea that it's not an oil, as they get so greasy! x

  7. So amazing that you're seeing results in such a short period. It's non-oily consistency really appeals to me too!

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering


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