Friday, 22 May 2015

A review of 'A little More' drinks

If you're a parent you will most probably have faced the drinks battle at some point with your toddler. Eva is currently at an age where she has figured out that there is a lot more to offer in the world of drinks other than water and milk. She is constantly asking for juice or squash. At the moment we do let her have a bit of both but we worry about sugar content and the effect it will have on her teeth etc.

As you can imagine I was delighted to be asked to review some drinks for Eva that were packed with vitamins. They are from a brand called More Drinks. You may or may not have seen them in the supermarket. They are normally located amongst the healthy drinks aisle. I must admit I hadn't spotted them before. 

They do two separate ranges, one for adults and one for children but the concept of both is exactly the same. The drinks aim to give you more vitamins and minerals, flavour, nutrition and hydration. Have a read of their about us section on their website for more details, About Us.

The children's range comes in three different flavours, Apple, Mango and Orange. The mango flavour contains vitamin D which helps with calcium levels therefore looking after your child's teeth and bones, Mango Drink. The apple flavour contains multivitamins so is packed with all the goodness your child needs to help with their immune system, Apple Drink. The orange flavour contains vitamin c which again helps boost your immune system, Orange Drink.

So what did we actually think of them. Firstly, Eva was immediately attracted to them due to the sports style bottle. At the moment she seems to think these are 'grown up' drinks so loves holding them. The sports cap is perfect for her age as it helps to prevent any spills, just remember to remove the cap lid as they are very small and can be a choking hazard. They are a good size and therefore are easy for any toddler to hold. They are also lightweight which is always good seeing as us parents normally have to carry them around in our already heavy bags.

She really enjoyed drinking the apple and mango flavoured drinks but didn't like the orange. I tried them too and I think that the orange has a similar taste to that of 'barocca' which I don't like either. The other flavours were very nice.

Eva seemed very happy to have these drinks as she thought they were a bit of a treat. I'm happy to give them to her as little does she realise she is actually having something healthy that'll help boost her immune system. They are a great way of getting vitamins into your child's diet.

Have you heard of these drinks before? Have you tried the adult ones?

Love Kerry and Eva xx


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