Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A review of the Gousto box

A few weeks ago I received a fabulous big box to review from https://www.gousto.co.uk. I had heard of Gousto before but didn't really know anything about them other than that they were something to do with food.
So what is Gousto? Gousto is a subscription company sending you everything you need to make 3 meals. All of their products are organic and come in the exact amounts you need for each recipe. You can make your subscription suit you and by that I mean that you can set what day the box will be delivered and whether you want it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can also stop your subscription at any time.
You choose the 3 meals that you want each week from a variety of cuisines that are available. To view examples have a look at their cookbook page by clicking here, Cookbook. We had steak and chips, waldorf style chicken and sticky hoison pork.

With each meal you get a recipe card which is well laid out, detailed and very easy to follow. The ingredients are all separated into the exact amounts you need so you really have no fuss at all.

The steak and chips were delicious. The sauce was one of the tastiest ones i've had with steak and we have made the recipe at least 3 times since we were sent this.

Here's an example of how the ingredients for one meal arrive. I love the fact that you don't get any waste on any products. That's one thing that we get a lot of in our house. 

I wasn't overly enthusiastic about this waldorf style chicken as i've never been one to like a waldorf salad but my god was this tasty!!!! I literally ate my own words with this one. We'll definitely be having this in our house again.

So that was a brief overview of everything. Let's get down to the actual review. For me this hole concept is perfect. I'm a working mum with a busy lifestyle so anything that can make my life easy wins huge bonus points with me. I loved the fact that everything is done for you. I can't stand food shopping, so this wonderful package is like a parcel sent from heaven. It takes away the chore of going to the busy supermarket and also the chore of wondering  'what to cook for tea'. Let's face it, the majority of people look in their fridge and wonder what to cook and end up wasting so much food. To the people that plan their families meals a week in advance hats off to you, I wish I was you!! But i'm not, and this is why Gousto works for me.
We chose to have our box delivered on a Friday which meant that our weekend meals were all covered with no hassle. This meant the world to us as a family as we had more quality time together. I didn't have to shop or spend ages preparing food and ingredients as I just whipped out my recipe card and hey presto we had an extremely tasty meal shortly after.
We loved the fact that all the products are organic. One thing Gousto is passionate about is where you're ingredients come from. They want to provide the best quality available through sustainable methods. Hopefully, this is important to you. It certainly is for us as we always like to buy and support British meat and always have free range eggs etc. Read more about where Gousto gets their products from here, Products.
I was worried that the food wouldn't taste very nice. Not sure why I thought this as I knew all the products were organic. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown. The meals were all so tasty and so easy to make. The recipes are easy to follow and would make the worst of cooks seem like pro chefs.
We'll definitely be getting a subscription as we were overall impressed with the service and products and how it had such a positive impact on our weekend. If you go onto their website now there is £15 available off your first box, https://www.gousto.co.uk. You can also give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you had a Gousto box before? Have you had something similar from another company?

Love Kerry xx

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  1. Ive heard of this box before but never seen a review. It looks amazing!!
    Great post


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