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The Dinosaur That Pooped reviews

I'm guessing by now you should all have heard of Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter either from McFly or by the fact that one is dating Ellie Goulding and won i'm a celebrity get me out of here or by the fact that the other's pregnancy announcement and wedding songs went viral over youtube. However, did you know that they were bestselling authors too, creating the Dinosaur That Pooped series of children's books. It all started with the Dinosaur that pooped christmas and has continued with the dinosaur that pooped a planet and most recently released, the dinosaur that pooped the past. 
We were very fortunate to be asked to review the series and I think I may have been more excited than Eva as I had already known about how successful the books were so I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

First up for review is the Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas which is available from Amazon for £4 here, The Dinosaur that pooped christmas. The book is about a young greedy boy named Danny who wants everything for christmas but instead santa decides to give him a hungry dinosaur who precedes to eat up all of christmas. In order to save christmas the dinosaur has to come up with a plan which is to poop it all back out. I have to say with every page turned I didn't stop giggling. This book is so much fun to read as a parent. It beats reading all the soppy stories of christmas with wonderful happy endings. This book reiterates what christmas is all about with lots of fun, silliness and laughter. Eva loved all the illustrations and the rhyming story and also really enjoyed seeing her mummy laughing hysterically. I defy any parent not to enjoy reading this, how can anybody not enjoy reading and seeing santa in his sleigh above a huge pile of poo. 

Next up is the Dinosaur that pooped a planet which again you can buy from amazon for £4 here, The dinosaur that pooped a planet. We couldn't wait to read this one after enjoying the first one so much. The book is about Danny and the Dinosaur going on a trip to the museum, but before they'd eaten their lunch. They were involved in some mischief at the museum and ended up in space with one hungry dinosaur. Guess what, he ate everything and then of course had to do a big poo to put it all back in its place. Once again, Eva and I giggled from start to finish. I personally enjoyed this story slightly more than the christmas one. We are big space fans in this house so we particularly enjoyed the pictures and the cats with the cool hats. I also loved the fact that there was a slight moral to the story which is don't forget to eat your lunch!! 

Last up is the dinosaur that pooped the past, buy it here from amazon for £3.49, the dinosaur that pooped the past. This story is about how Danny and the Dinosaur swing back in time and meet some new dinosaur friends. However, a volcano is about to erupt and in order to save them all the dinosaur must poop them all out of the past. Another very enjoyable, easy read which had Eva laughing and cheering. I think this book was her favourite (with the christmas one being a close second) as she loved the fact that there were multiple dinosaurs in this book. 

To summarise our thoughts, these books are absolutely fantastic. They really are a joy to read as a parent and can be enjoyed by a child of any age. They will be a huge hit with young dinosaur fans. The illustrations are particularly eye catching and the rhyming stories keep little ones engaged. 
It is safe to say Tom and Danny have successfully transferred their songwriting skills into creating very clever but silly books for all the family to enjoy.

There is also a video about these books on youtube if you would like to watch it, Video.

Have you read these books? Which one is your favourite?

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Love Kerry and Eva xx


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