Monday, 15 December 2014

A very wired coffee day with Nespresso

Recently, I was invited to attend a coffee day with Nespresso hosted by Joe's bloggers and curry's at the wonderful Wyndham Tea in Cardiff City centre.
Now, I don't know about you but I cannot start the day without my caffeine fix. I'm sure this is common of most people I know. I am honestly evil unless I've drunk a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. With this in mind and the fact that my husband is rather obsessed by coffee, I was very much looking forward to the day.
I had heard of Nespresso before but for some reason I hadn't realised how much of an exclusive coffee loving brand it was. I knew of their machines but I didn't know that you couldn't buy the capsules in any supermarket. After having a talk about the brand I came to learn of their passion for not only their coffee but their customers too. Nespresso are committed to sustainability and without mainstreaming themselves in supermarkets they are directly able to help and work with coffee farmers all around the world. The fact that you can't buy the coffee in the shops makes you feel part of an exclusive group, oh wait a minute you are!! When you buy a machine you become part of the Nespresso club. The more I was hearing the more I wanted to be in it.
We were shown a range of machines that are available from basic to all singing and all dancing. With my coffee snob of a hubby we would have to have the all singing, all dancing machine. You can view their range on the curry's website here and they are all on offer at the minute, Nespresso range. I was really impressed by the milk frothing machine. I adore latte's so this is something that would go down really well in our house. Not only does it froth your milk perfectly for you but you can make iced coffee in there and also hot chocolate. 

One of the staff from Wyndham Tea then taught us how to make a latte and how to put a heart shape on top of it. I loved this part of the day and I have to say it is an incredibly difficult task to do. I am in awe of the baristas that can do it.

We also enjoyed a spot of coffee tasting although I have to say after all the coffee I had drunk it was all beginning to taste the same, kind of the same effect you get if you go wine tasting......
We had a fantastic lunch in Wyndham Tea. I have quite often been there for lunch and I haven't been disappointed yet, so I highly recommend it. The staff are always so helpful and friendly and the food is always so tasty.
To finish off we were taught how to make some fabulous coffee laced cocktails. As you can imagine after all the coffee we'd had that day, we were all completely wired and had perfected our jazz hands.

I had such a fun day and came away with a new outlook on coffee and nespresso as a brand. Their passion for coffee and sustainability is inspiring. I just hope we will be able to upgrade our coffee machine to one of theirs soon. 

Do you have a nespresso machine? Do you like coffee?

Love Kerry x

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