Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Frozen themed basket gift

I don't know about you but I love a good basket/hamper gift. I've been giving them for years so as you can guess I was ecstatic when I saw this amazing idea on another bloggers page and knew it was the perfect gift for Eva. Before I continue with the post please take a look at the lovely mum Kerry's (no i'm not talking about me) blog which is http://www.ohsoamelia.com. She writes a fantastic parent and lifestyle blog full of wonderful ideas like this one.
I already had bought a basket ready for christmas eve and there will be a post on the christmas eve basket coming up asap. The ideal thing about baskets is that they can be used again and again. This one will be used as shown here, on christmas eve and for Eva's upcoming birthday when it will be full of Peppa Pig gifts.
I can't wait to see her face when she sees this under the tree. She will be so excited. We have probably had this film on everyday for the last few months and 'let it go' is literally all she sings.
The contents of the basket were all fairly cheap which is one of the reasons why I love baskets! You can fill it with whatever you like at whatever expense and they will look fab regardless of the price.

The items below were all from B and M bargains. They've got a huge range of stuff there and most of it is a lot cheaper than the bigger toy stores. View some of their range here: B and M frozen range.

The next gifts are from Asda. The mug was £2.50 Mug and the 2 pack of socks was £3 Socks.

 The hair set and hand wash were from poundland. Eva is really into washing her hands at the minute so I know she'll love it even more with this wash. Poundland also has a huge range of Frozen gifts and are particularly good for stocking fillers. The only trouble is whether your local store will actually have any as people have gone mad for it. View their range here, Poundland Frozen range.

I bought the book of the film from Sainsbury for £3.49. It's actually got some photo pictures in the middle too. You can buy the books anywhere but I found them cheapest at Sainsbury.

I got this 2 pack of vests from Primark for the amazing price of £3. If your child is into Frozen then I can't recommend Primark enough. Pretty much half of their children's floor is full of the range supplying anything and everything from socks to dresses. 

 Finally I got this drinking cup from the Disney Store. I have to say the Disney Store is a scary place to be over the christmas period. It's crazy!! 

 Does your child like Frozen? Do they have any Frozen pressies for christmas? We would love to hear about them.

Love Kerry and Eva xx


Sunday, 21 December 2014

A homemade christmas canvas gift from babies and toddlers

Firstly, apologies for leaving this post so last minute before christmas but hopefully you'll still have enough time to make them if you want.
I was wracking my brains for pressies I can send to family from Eva and decided to go to pinterest for more inspiration and I wasn't disappointed. I knew I wanted them to be homemade but couldn't think of any with a festive feel to them. If you search for me on pinterest (amininorrisblog) you'll see I have lots more ideas on various boards if you are looking for inspiration.
One thing Arwyn and I never did enough of was to take lots of prints of Eva's hands and feet which is why I thought this gift was perfect. What could be more cute than a canvas with her feet named 'mistletoes'. A massive plus with making ones like this is that Eva could get involved. She adored having her feet painted and didn't stop giggling. We just put her straight in the bath afterwards to clean her up. 
So to make the canvas we bought some from the range and they cost £3.99. You can probably get them from other places such as home bargains and maybe even Asda etc. Then we painted up Eva's feet with green paint (you can use any colour you like) We found the easiest way of getting the print onto the canvas was to sit her down and bring the canvas to her feet rather than her standing on it. Please note this is a two person job!!!
If your child is older you could get them to write mistletoes onto the canvas, however we wrote that on ourselves. I'd like to add that my husband didn't even trust me to write it on and actually wrote it in pencil for me to trace over. Charming! 
Then draw some bows on top of the feet and decorate the rest as you wish. We let Eva do a few circles and then finished it off. 
We had a fab time as a family making these and Eva found the whole thing fantastic. It was a good sensory exercise for her to do. Now all that's left to decide is who's getting them for christmas.

Have you made any homemade gifts from your little ones? Let me know what you have done.
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Love Kerry and Eva xx

Monday, 15 December 2014

A very wired coffee day with Nespresso

Recently, I was invited to attend a coffee day with Nespresso hosted by Joe's bloggers and curry's at the wonderful Wyndham Tea in Cardiff City centre.
Now, I don't know about you but I cannot start the day without my caffeine fix. I'm sure this is common of most people I know. I am honestly evil unless I've drunk a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. With this in mind and the fact that my husband is rather obsessed by coffee, I was very much looking forward to the day.
I had heard of Nespresso before but for some reason I hadn't realised how much of an exclusive coffee loving brand it was. I knew of their machines but I didn't know that you couldn't buy the capsules in any supermarket. After having a talk about the brand I came to learn of their passion for not only their coffee but their customers too. Nespresso are committed to sustainability and without mainstreaming themselves in supermarkets they are directly able to help and work with coffee farmers all around the world. The fact that you can't buy the coffee in the shops makes you feel part of an exclusive group, oh wait a minute you are!! When you buy a machine you become part of the Nespresso club. The more I was hearing the more I wanted to be in it.
We were shown a range of machines that are available from basic to all singing and all dancing. With my coffee snob of a hubby we would have to have the all singing, all dancing machine. You can view their range on the curry's website here and they are all on offer at the minute, Nespresso range. I was really impressed by the milk frothing machine. I adore latte's so this is something that would go down really well in our house. Not only does it froth your milk perfectly for you but you can make iced coffee in there and also hot chocolate. 

One of the staff from Wyndham Tea then taught us how to make a latte and how to put a heart shape on top of it. I loved this part of the day and I have to say it is an incredibly difficult task to do. I am in awe of the baristas that can do it.

We also enjoyed a spot of coffee tasting although I have to say after all the coffee I had drunk it was all beginning to taste the same, kind of the same effect you get if you go wine tasting......
We had a fantastic lunch in Wyndham Tea. I have quite often been there for lunch and I haven't been disappointed yet, so I highly recommend it. The staff are always so helpful and friendly and the food is always so tasty.
To finish off we were taught how to make some fabulous coffee laced cocktails. As you can imagine after all the coffee we'd had that day, we were all completely wired and had perfected our jazz hands.

I had such a fun day and came away with a new outlook on coffee and nespresso as a brand. Their passion for coffee and sustainability is inspiring. I just hope we will be able to upgrade our coffee machine to one of theirs soon. 

Do you have a nespresso machine? Do you like coffee?

Love Kerry x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Dinosaur That Pooped reviews

I'm guessing by now you should all have heard of Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter either from McFly or by the fact that one is dating Ellie Goulding and won i'm a celebrity get me out of here or by the fact that the other's pregnancy announcement and wedding songs went viral over youtube. However, did you know that they were bestselling authors too, creating the Dinosaur That Pooped series of children's books. It all started with the Dinosaur that pooped christmas and has continued with the dinosaur that pooped a planet and most recently released, the dinosaur that pooped the past. 
We were very fortunate to be asked to review the series and I think I may have been more excited than Eva as I had already known about how successful the books were so I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

First up for review is the Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas which is available from Amazon for £4 here, The Dinosaur that pooped christmas. The book is about a young greedy boy named Danny who wants everything for christmas but instead santa decides to give him a hungry dinosaur who precedes to eat up all of christmas. In order to save christmas the dinosaur has to come up with a plan which is to poop it all back out. I have to say with every page turned I didn't stop giggling. This book is so much fun to read as a parent. It beats reading all the soppy stories of christmas with wonderful happy endings. This book reiterates what christmas is all about with lots of fun, silliness and laughter. Eva loved all the illustrations and the rhyming story and also really enjoyed seeing her mummy laughing hysterically. I defy any parent not to enjoy reading this, how can anybody not enjoy reading and seeing santa in his sleigh above a huge pile of poo. 

Next up is the Dinosaur that pooped a planet which again you can buy from amazon for £4 here, The dinosaur that pooped a planet. We couldn't wait to read this one after enjoying the first one so much. The book is about Danny and the Dinosaur going on a trip to the museum, but before they'd eaten their lunch. They were involved in some mischief at the museum and ended up in space with one hungry dinosaur. Guess what, he ate everything and then of course had to do a big poo to put it all back in its place. Once again, Eva and I giggled from start to finish. I personally enjoyed this story slightly more than the christmas one. We are big space fans in this house so we particularly enjoyed the pictures and the cats with the cool hats. I also loved the fact that there was a slight moral to the story which is don't forget to eat your lunch!! 

Last up is the dinosaur that pooped the past, buy it here from amazon for £3.49, the dinosaur that pooped the past. This story is about how Danny and the Dinosaur swing back in time and meet some new dinosaur friends. However, a volcano is about to erupt and in order to save them all the dinosaur must poop them all out of the past. Another very enjoyable, easy read which had Eva laughing and cheering. I think this book was her favourite (with the christmas one being a close second) as she loved the fact that there were multiple dinosaurs in this book. 

To summarise our thoughts, these books are absolutely fantastic. They really are a joy to read as a parent and can be enjoyed by a child of any age. They will be a huge hit with young dinosaur fans. The illustrations are particularly eye catching and the rhyming stories keep little ones engaged. 
It is safe to say Tom and Danny have successfully transferred their songwriting skills into creating very clever but silly books for all the family to enjoy.

There is also a video about these books on youtube if you would like to watch it, Video.

Have you read these books? Which one is your favourite?

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Love Kerry and Eva xx

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