Sunday, 30 November 2014

Photo gifts from Snapfish UK

Now that I have a daughter one of my favourite presents that I like to give and receive are photo gifts. Photos are precious memories that can be treasured forever and can take you back to a happy place in an instant.
They are particularly important to me as some of my immediate family (mum, stepdad, sisters and more) all live in Australia and therefore miss out on a lot when it comes to Eva. Therefore, I like to send them gifts with her photos on for them to feel like they aren't missing out. 
Last year I chose to make photo calendars from Photobox, so I was delighted to be able to be asked to review Snapfish UK as I have not yet used them. They have a huge range of gifts that you can make such as calendars, magnets, mugs, keyrings, notepads and many more. I chose to create a photo calendar, mug and keyrings.
First up for review is their calendars. They have a few different styles available such as desk calendars and slimline etc, to view the full range click here, Calendars. I went with the normal shaped calendar in size 12 x 12 " costing £18.99. It's a really good size with a large picture at the top and plenty of room for writing in the boxes at the bottom. There are different calendar themes you can choose from for your backgrounds but I chose 'simply elegant' as I wanted the pictures to be the main focus. View all the backgrounds here, Themes. You can start the calendar from any month and you can also put a picture on the front along with a personalised message. Something which I loved was the fact that you can put a picture on specific dates too. For example, if you look at the picture below I have highlighted my birthday and also left a little message. 
Overall, I am very impressed with the calendar and will definitely be ordering more for the various grandparents in Eva's life. I was worried that the quality wouldn't be as good as photobox seeing as these are cheaper but that is not the case at all.

Next up is the photo mug. As with the calendars there are various ones to choose from including thermal travel mug (very popular with busy people on the go). View the full range here, mugs. I chose the smaller sized collage mug for £7.99. We are huge tea drinkers in this family so this gift is suited for all here. You can place up to 16 images on the mug, change the colour of the mug and place a personalised message on it. I put 16 images on mine and I have to say some of them are a bit small but what did I expect with putting all 16 images on. They are still all clear and a good quality and the mug is still fab but when I order another I will put a few less on. 

Lastly up for review are the acrylic keyrings priced at £2.99, Keyrings. I have to say i'm a big fan of keyrings, the more the better. I've had this weird phobia since I was younger of dropping them down the drain, therefore I like to have a lot to prevent this from happening. Weird I know. I think they also make good gifts for various members of your family who have a key to your house. This way they are able to identify which one is yours easily. The quality of the keyring is fantastic. You get the same picture printed both sides. 

So to conclude I am really happy with how all the gifts turned out. They were made and dispatched very quickly and they arrived in good packaging suited to the product type. Be careful with images from your phone as the quality is never as good as a real camera and sometimes that can show when they are printed. I will definitely be ordering more, so all that's left to decide is who's having what.
Have you ordered any snapfish gifts before or any photo gifts?

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Love Kerry and Eva xx


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